Consult the Series Record

Some records will display the text "To check availability consult the series record."

To check availability and place requests (including Mansueto requests) for these items:

  1. Make a note of the volume number of the item in its call number.
  2. Click the "consult the series record" link.

Full record with "Consult the series record" and volume highlighted
Full Record with "consult the series record"

The Series Record

In most cases, you will be taken directly to the series record, which lists all volumes in the series.

  1. In the Holdings tab, find the volume you need - you may need to click "view more items" to display your volume.
  2. Next to the volume you need, check its availability and what services are offered (e.g., Scan & Deliver, etc.)
  3. For example, if the volume is available at Mansueto, click the "Request from Mansueto Library" link. See Requesting Mansueto Items for details.
Series Record with volume highlighted
Series Record with volume availability

Multiple Series Records

In some cases, clicking "consult the series record" will take you to a short list of series records with the same call number.

  1. In these cases, you may need to check the Holdings tab of more than one record until you find the correct series for the volume you need.
  2. In addition to the volume number, it may be helpful to make a note of the series title in the initial record.
  3. Once you've identified the correct series record, follow the same steps as above to check availability for the volume you need.

Full record with volume and series title highlighted
Full record - make note of the volume and series title
List of multiple series records with correct series title highlighted
List of multiple series records
Series record with volume and availability highlighted
Series record with volume availability