My Library Account

My Library Account has information about the items you have currently checked out, as well as requested items.

You can also save items to lists in My Library Account.

Logging In

Most Library users log in using their CNetID and password. Hospital employees can use their UCHAD ID and password.

Other borrowers without CNetIDs log in using their barcode and PIN. You may request or reset a PIN by contacting the ID & Privileges Office.

My Library Account

Checked Out Items

View checked out items, including Interlibrary Loan items, and their due dates.

Renew eligible UChicago Library and Interlibrary Loan items.

Export information about selected items to a variety of citation managers.

See Checked Out Items for detailed information about viewing, renewing, and exporting items.


View outstanding fines and other Library charges.

See Fines & Lost Items for information about paying fines.


View your contact information. If this needs to be updated, view Keeping Contact Information Current and select the appropriate means of updating your information.

You may also change your Preferred Library, which will be used as the default pickup location for requested items.

Manage Requests

Requested Items

View requested items, including Mansueto items, Interlibrary Loan items, etc.

  • Pickup Location displays the library circulation desk where the item will be made available for pickup.
  • Item Status displays whether a requested item is Available for Pickup at the listed Pickup Location or is not yet available.
  • Request Position displays your position in line for the requested item. If you are in Request Position: 3, for example, this means that two other patrons have requested the item before you.
  • On Hold Until displays the date by which you need to pick up an available requested item before it is removed from the hold shelves or placed on hold for the next person who requested it.

Mansueto Cart

The Mansueto Cart displays any items you have selected to be retrieved from Mansueto but have not yet requested. Once the requests are processed, the status is displayed in the Requested Items section.

Interlibrary Loan

Links to your Interlibrary Loan account. This includes your Scan & Deliver and Interlibrary Loan article requests, as well as other Interlibrary Loan requests that have not yet arrived.

Once physical Interlibrary Loan requests arrive, they are listed under Requested Items. Once loaned, they are listed under Checked Out Items.

Special Collections

Links to your Special Collections account.

Accounts FAQ

The Accounts FAQ provides more information about the various Library service accounts.

Course Reserves

Links to Library Course Reserves via Chalk and Canvas.


Your Favorites

Your Favorites displays all items you have saved to your account. Individual lists are displayed after this, in alphabetical order. The number of items in a list displays next to its name.

Create a List

Use Create a List to create a new list from scratch.

Saving Items to your Lists

Save items to lists in your account by clicking the Save to Account link in an item record. You will be prompted to create a list name the first time you do this, if you've not already created a list.

Editing Lists

Click on a List name to edit the details. You can add notes to individual items or remove them from a list. You can delete an entire list as well. Deleting a list will also delete the items from your account, unless they are on multiple lists.

Sharing Lists

You have the option to make a list public. Do this by clicking Edit List and then changing the option to public. Your list is accessible to anyone who has the web address. Copy that from your browser and paste it into an email or document to share it.

Your Saved Searches

This option allows you to save searches that you want to repeat at a later date. It saves your search terms and limits, not the search results, so it can be a way to locate new materials of interest. The saved searches page displays a list of your recent searches. Click on the save link to save for later use.

You can also save searches from any results page. There is a link at the bottom of each results page to Save Search. You will prompted to log in to My Account, if you haven't already done so.