Copyright Issues

Dissertation Research and Other Publishers

As a condition for receipt of the doctorate, doctoral candidates at the University of Chicago must grant ProQuest Dissertation Publishing non-exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, and sell their dissertations. If another publisher has accepted dissertation research for publication, the author should be sure to retain the right to publish through ProQuest. Many scientific journals have standing agreements with ProQuest; most academic presses, however, do not.

Scholarly Publishing - MIT LIbraries: Policies: Thesis Content and Article Publishing summarizes dissertation-related policies from a few publishers.

Copyright Registration

Dissertation authors hold the copyright for their own dissertations and retain the right to publish elsewhere. Authors may choose to register copyright or not. If registering copyright, they may register through ProQuest's ETD Administrator for a fee or register directly through the United States Copyright Office.

ProQuest's Why copyright? handout lists reasons why authors may decide to register copyright even though it is not required.

Copyright Permissions

If a dissertation uses previously copyrighted material beyond fair use, the dissertation author must obtain written permission from the copyright holder to include this material in the dissertation.

The University of Chicago Copyright Information Center discusses copyright law and provides guidance. The Library's Guide to Fair Use supports fair use at the University of Chicago.

Additional Copyright Resources

Thesis advisors and faculty in the various schools and departments will provide assistance with copyright issues, but students may find some of the following resources helpful as well.

Copyright Information Center
Guidance from the University of Chicago

Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis
Copyright Laws Around the World
Why Copyright?
ProQuest guides

Copyright for Multimedia
Online class from Coursera discusses fair use and format-specific issues for data, images, music, and videos

Images: A Guide to Visual Resources
Information on using and identifying images from the Art, Cinema & History Librarian and the Visual Resources Librarian

Info & Services (note Rights, Reprints, & Permissions section)
Author's Permission Guidelines
Guidelines for Journal Authors' Rights
Information from the University of Chicago Press

Intellectual Property and the Arts
Resources presented by the College Art Association

Thesis Content and Article Publishing
MIT Libraries summary of journal publishers' dissertation-related policies

Reproducing or Publishing Material from the Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center
Requirements of the University of Chicago Library and good scholarly practice