Sample Title Pages

A Few Examples

This is a work in progress. Additional examples are available on request.


The font on your title page should be the same as the font used in the rest of your dissertation. Settings should be the same also: double line spacing, 0 pt spacing before and after paragraphs, one inch margins on all sides, and 12-point font size. Text on the title page should use upper case and should not be bold. The title page counts as page "i" but the number should not be entered on the page.

Use your diploma name on the title page.

The last line on the title page should be the month and year of the end of the quarter you receive your degree and graduate, with no date and no comma. If you will receive your degree this spring, your degree date is JUNE 2024. Your options for the next academic year are:

  • AUGUST 2024
  • DECEMBER 2024
  • MARCH 2025
  • JUNE 2025