Quarterly Timeline

Before Winter Quarter begins:

  1. Consider copyright issues.  If your dissertation uses previously copyrighted material beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder to include the material.  It's a good idea to take care of this prior to the quarter you plan to graduate because you need this permission before you submit the final version of your dissertation.
  2. Schedule your defense.  The defense (and any revisions recommended by your dissertation committee) must occur before you submit the final version of your dissertation.
  3. Find out whether or not an early submission is appropriate for you.  Doctoral candidates who submit their approved dissertation by 4:30 p.m. on Friday of the first week of a quarter and apply to graduate in that quarter will not be registered as students in that quarter.  They will not be required to pay tuition or fees associated with registration (and will therefore not have access to the privileges associated with student status).  Please note that some divisions may have earlier deadlines and/or other requirements. Students may request to be exempt from the quarterly registration requirement for that quarter by contacting their area Deans of Students in advance.

First Week:

  1. Check with your department to be sure you will meet departmental requirements.
  2. Don't forget to apply to graduate this quarter.
  3. Review the University-Wide Requirements for the Ph.D. Dissertation, and let staff in the Dissertation Office know if you have any questions.

Second Week:

  1. Register for an optional information session explaining Dissertation Procedures for Students.
  2. You will be submitting your dissertation online using the ProQuest ETD Administrator, a web-based submission system.  Sign up for an ETD account, activate the ETD account, and explore the ETD Administrator site.
  3. Look at the Publishing information section of the ETD Administrator Submission steps, and consider your options. Contact us with questions about your publication decisions now instead of waiting until the last minute.

Third Week:

  1. Request a draft review if you wish to do so and we have not reviewed your draft previously. We do not review more than one version of a draft.
  2. Provide information about your dissertation (title, department, etc.), but do not complete all of the ETD Administrator Submission steps if you are uploading a dissertation draft.  However, feel free to submit the final version of your dissertation as soon as you have successfully defended, finished all revisions and edits, and have provided copies of any additional material you need, such as permission letters.

Fourth Week:

  1. The draft review deadline is Wednesday, January 31, 2018.  You may request a draft review any time before 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 31, and we will do our best to send you comments within the next two weeks.
  2. Review your ETD Administrator Contact information.  Use the same name that appears on official records in the Office of the University Registrar and on your title page, and make sure the rest of the information is accurate and complete.  Your contact information allows ProQuest to contact you with any questions regarding your submission, and to send you any royalty payments.

Fifth Week

  1. Complete the Publishing information section of the ETD Administrator Submission steps.  Note the Rights Verification section in the ProQuest Agreement.  You should resolve any copyright issues prior to the quarter you plan to graduate.
  2. Print a copy of the ProQuest Agreement and of pages showing your decisions.  Retain this information for your files.

Sixth Week:

  1. Complete your ETD Administrator Dissertation/Thesis details from Primary language through Abstract.  Check your dissertation details for accuracy.  It is all too easy to select the wrong department or subject category from a drop box.
  2. Please be especially careful with your title.  We ask that you use headline style (upper and lower case) to enter your title so that it looks the way it will look in the convocation program.  Except for the capitalization, the title here should match the title on the title page of your dissertation.  If you change the title at some point, be sure you change it in both places.
  3. Review your abstract.  An abstract is required, and it should be no longer than 350 words.

Seventh Week:

The final version of your dissertation is due no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 16, 2018.

  1. Please complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates and the University of Chicago questionnaire shortly before or after submitting the final version of your dissertation. (You may upload your Survey of Earned Doctorates Certificate of Completion in your ETD Administrator Administrative documents (optional) or you may email it to Colleen Mullarkey in the Dissertation Office.)
  2. Upload the PDF of your dissertation and copyright permission documents if you have any to submit.  Then upload supplemental files or administrative documents you wish to include.
  3. Complete the Submission & payment section of the Submission steps.  This section offers two fee-based services: copyright registration and dissertation printing and binding.  These services are optional.  Once you have indicated whether or not you wish to take advantage of either service, you will be asked to pay for author copies (if ordered), along with any applicable Open Access and/or copyright registration fees. (Open Access is free through the University of Chicago Repository and is a better choice if you are interested in open access.)
  4. Carefully review your publishing information, contact information, your dissertation details, your PDF, and any other files you have chosen to include and make any necessary revisions before clicking on Submit.

Eighth Week:

The Departmental Approval Form is due no later than 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 21 , 2018.

  1. Expect to hear from Dissertation Office staff and possibly from your graduate program administrator.  Graduate program administrators coordinate the approval process within departments and professional schools.  You will be contacted by your program administrator if you need to make any changes before the department chair or dean of the school approves your dissertation.
  2. Once your dissertation is approved, your program administrator will send a completed Departmental Approval Form to the Dissertation Office.

Ninth Week:

  1. Dissertation Office staff will audit the material on the ETD Administrator to ensure that your submission meets the specifications in the University-Wide Requirements for the Ph.D. Dissertation. We will let you know whether or not these specifications have been met in time for you to make revisions.  Check your email regularly in case we need additional material from you.

Tenth Week:

  1. Please continue to check your email regularly as we continue to audit dissertations and accompanying information on the ETD Administrator, and we may have questions.

Finals Week:

  1. Accept our congratulations as you prepare to graduate.

After Graduation:

  1. Wait for your dissertation to be added to ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global.  ETDs are are delivered to ProQuest shortly after convocation.  Once ProQuest receives your dissertation, it may take 8-12 weeks before your dissertation appears online.
  2. Wait for bound copies of your dissertation.  If you have ordered copies of your dissertation from ProQuest, it will take slightly longer than 8-12 weeks before you receive your copies.
  3. Contact the Dissertation Office if you need to renew an embargo or to initiate an embargo after graduation.  Dissertation Office staff members coordinate post-convocation embargo requests with University Administration and with ProQuest.