Roy Knight

There is no question how broken I am, and I see I'm not alone in this department.

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Roy Knight and his spouse, Tanille S. Knight (Do not use without permission of author.)

There is no question how broken I am, and I see I'm not alone in this department. The day my dad took flight was the beginning of my brokenness because my mother was too young to raise me, which left my grandparents to do their job. This story is all so familiar in my neighborhood, which brings a lot of my true peers together.

My mom was 17 yrs old when I was born. A child herself, my grandparents took the role of mom and dad late in their 40s. My grandfather died when I was 10 yrs old, no more male role models in my life but the streets. There I was a lost young man with no direction in life but sex, lies & drugs. I have still yet to recover from all the trauma I’ve witnessed and been through, enough for a hundred lifetimes.

In and out of jail. Too many abusive relationships, suicide attempts, homelessness, and just about every other horrible thing that can happen, I’ve been through it. Right now to this day, The Father has kept me. I used to wrestle with GOD every day, now just a few days a month. I never win. I’m broken for a reason and that reason is to make sure the youth don’t have to be. I have a testimony for all people of youth black, white, Hispanic, etc. and I made a vow to GOD if put in the right circumstance and the right time & place with His help to save some lives and rescue people like I am still being rescued and broken as I am.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my wife, Tanille S. Knight, who has been my rock and the love of my life.

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Roy Knight letter

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