Larry D. Williams, Jr.

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My inmate number and past don’t define the person I really am

Larry D. Williams Jr.

My inmate number and past don’t define the person I really am. Like most people I definitely live with a few regrets and mistakes. Luckily I eventually realized my repeated issue which was my anger and wanted to change the way I handled situations. Something I do know is that is it’s so much more to life than jail and I’m not getting any younger. It’s a lot I want to do in this life time as far as starting a real career job, which is getting my CDL’s and actually taking trips to enjoy life. I know a lot of people/family is looking forward to me returning back home and living the life I actually plan on living and leaving the jail/prison part of my life in the past for good. I’m going to make sure I stay true to my word and show my inmate number and past don’t define me. I’m much smarter, talented and intelligent than my wrongful actions showed.

Williams letter

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