They Saw Stars: Art and Astronomy

For centuries humankind has gazed into the heavens with awe and wonder. For some, the night sky has tugged at their imagination and piqued their curiosity, resulting in art inspired by the beauty of the stars and the study of astronomy. This John Crerar Library exhibit highlights works of art and literature influenced by astronomy, either through scientific study, a fascination with the night sky, or as an inspiration for the literary imagination. Both contemporary and historical works are included.

This exhibit was curated by Nancy Spiegel, Bibliographer for Art and Cinema and Barbara Kern, Science Reference Librarian

Special thanks to: Keri Sancomb, Judith Dartt and the Special Collections Research Center, Andrea Twiss-Brooks, Science Reference Librarian, Laurie Haugland, Crerar Library Technical Processing, and Judy Bausch, Yerkes Observatory Library