Mission and Staff


The mission of the Special Collections Research Center, the principal repository for and steward of the Library's rare books, manuscripts, University Archives, and the Chicago Jazz Archives, is to provide primary sources to stimulate, enrich, and support research, teaching, learning, and administration at the University of Chicago. Special Collections makes these resources available to a broad constituency as part of the University's engagement with the larger community of scholars and independent researchers. In pursuit of its mission, Special Collections:

  • Provides unique opportunities for teaching and learning
  • Provides responsive, personable, and expert public service
  • Builds distinctive and unique collections
  • Facilitates discovery through online access to information about all SCRC collections
  • Promotes access to and use of SCRC collections by collaborating with the Library, University, and Chicago-area special collections communities
  • Collaborates with other Library units to promote preservation of SCRC collections

Contacting Us


Special Collections Research Center public services staff are glad to answer inquiries about hours, services, and access to the collections. For general information about Special Collections, please contact the SCRC public services staff at 773-702-8705. Questions that require consulting the collections cannot be answered by telephone.


Please submit your specific questions that require consulting the collections in writing using the SCRC reference service form. Priority for responding to these inquiries is given to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Chicago, whose questions are usually answered within 1-2 days. Questions from those outside the University of Chicago are handled as staff time permits; written responses are normally provided within 3-4 weeks. 


  • Daniel Meyer — Director, Special Collections, and University Archivist
  • Brian Balsamo — Digital Accessions Specialist
  • Christine Colburn — Supervisor, SCRC Reader Services
  • Jennifer Dunlap — Special Collections Project Cataloger
  • Kathleen Feeney — Head of Archives Processing and Digital Access
  • Patti Gibbons — SCRC Head of Collection Management
  • Barbara Gilbert — Special Collections Reading Rm. Coord.
  • Ashley Locke Gosselar — Processing Archivist
  • Tath Haver — Collection Management Coordinator
  • Eileen Ielmini — Assistant University Archivist
  • Allyson E Smally — SCRC Project Archivist
  • Sem C Sutter — Interim Selector for Rare Books
  • Catherine Uecker — Rare Books Librarian