Nef and Harper

Nef's correspondence with Harper contains evidence of their often tumultuous relationship. In one letter penned in 1894, Harper writes:
"Your letter of April 6th has been received. I am not willing that you should carry out the plan which you indicate in it, and I hope that you will not do anything rash."

In the letter shown here, dated August 3, 1893, after remarking on an issue of finances for the Department of Chemistry, Nef includes this postscript:
"P.S. I would like to ask you if there is any truth in the rumor that the Univ. last year...actually was looking for a lead professor in chemistry."

Letter from John Ulric Nef, Sr. to William Rainey Harper, dated November 19,1893

From: Box 21 Folder 5, University of Chicago Office of the President, Harper, Judson and Burton Administrations Records 1869-1925, University of Chicago Library Archives.