Academic Forum. 1965. Sponsored by Student Government and the College. ASF.

Avocado. 1971. Guide to the University, Hyde Park, and Chicago. ASF.

C-Book. 1956-1958 (annual). Pocket calendar. ASF.

Chicago Bored. 1986. Calendar of events, announcements, personals. ASF.

College Picture Directory. 1985. Pictures of individual students. ASF.

College Teaching Evaluation. 1970. Course evaluations of the College Teaching Evaluation Group. ASF.

Grey City Guide. 1976. Guide to life in Chicago. ASF.

Introduction to Student Activities. 1920-1930 (annual). Published by Undergraduate Council for Freshman Students. ASF.

Prospective Student's Guide to the College. 1989. Published by Student Schools Committee. ASF.

Student Activities Handbook. 1948-1955 (annual). List of organizations and activities, published by student government. ASF.

*Student Course Evaluations. 1982- (annual). Dean's Student Advisory Committee evaluations of courses and instructors. ASF.

Student Evaluations. 1980 (annual). Dean's Student Advisory Committee evaluations of courses and instructors. ASF.

Student Government Handbook. 1955-1956 (annual). Guide to campus extracurricular activities. ASF.

Student Guide to Life at the University of Chicago. 1967-1968 (annual). ASF.

Student Handbook. 1893, 1910-1947 (annual). Pocket calendar and guide book. Published by the YMCA until 1920s, later by Cap and Gown. ASF.

Student Union Forecast. 1949-1963 (weekly). Social, cultural and recreational activities. 1 [1949-1960], ASF [1960-1963].

Student Union Newsletter. 1978 (monthly). ASF.

University of Chicago Song Book. 1896-1941 (irregular). Alma Mater, Blackfriars and Mirror songs, fraternity songs, Big Ten and other university songs. 1.

*Whole College Catalogue. 1981- (annual). Guide to campus and city services, transportation, and entertainment, published by Student Schools Committee. ASF.


Chicago Summer Times. 1975 (weekly). Summer Quarter events. ASF.

*Chicago Maroon. 1943- (semiweekly). Continues Daily Maroon. A [current year], B. Note: Archives copies are not available to the public. A microfilm copy is available in Microforms (JRL 220G). Recent issues are available at the RR2 desk.

Chicago Maroon (online edition)

Chicago Weekly News (online edition)

Chicagoan. 1920 (biweekly). Summer quarter news, published by YMCA. B.

*College News. 1993- (monthly). Chicago-wide campus news, with contributions by University of Chicago students. ASF.

Daily Chicagoan. 1941 (daily). B.

Daily Maroon. 1900-1942 (daily). Continued by Chicago Maroon. B. Note: Archives copies are not available to the public. A microfilm copy is available in Microforms (JRL 220G).

Four-Year College Weekly. 1940-1942 (weekly). Four Year College news and events. ASF.

Good Old Summer Times. 1973 (summer quarters). Summer Quarter events. ASF.

Maroon. 1895-1896 (semiweekly). 1, B.

Other. 1966-1967 (weekly). ASF.

Rap. 1971-1975 (weekly). Newspaper serving Hyde Park and the University community. 1.

University of Chicago Post. 1988 (biweekly). ASF.

University of Chicago Weekly. 1892-1902, 1907 (weekly). 1 [1892-1901, 1907], B [1892-1902].

Weekly Maroon. 1925 (weekly). B.

Magazines and Literary Reviews

Absolutes!. 1988-1989. Essays and poetry. ASF.

Agore. 1968-1969 (quarterly). Student essays, poetry, fiction. Sponsored by New Collegiate Division. ASF.

*Aubade. 1995- . Literary newspaper. ASF.

Baffler. 1990. Student essays, fiction, poetry. ASF.

Breakdown. 1989. Comic book. ASF.

Carillon. 1943-1944 (quarterly). Fiction, poetry. ASF.

Chanticleer. 1921 (biweekly). Current events, literature. 1.

Chicago Lampoon. 1981-1982 (irregular). Student humor. ASF.

Chicago Literary Magazine. 1916-1917 (monthly). Poetry, fiction. 1.

Chicago Literary Monthly. 1913-1915 (monthly). Poetry, fiction. 1 [1913-1915], ASF [1913].

*Chicago Literary Review. 1963- (quarterly). Tenth-week supplement to Chicago Maroon. Also bound with Chicago Maroon. ASF [1963-1968].

Chicago Maroon Magazine. 1966. Feature articles on Chicago, current events, and the arts. ASF.

Chicago Philosophic Journal. 1987-1988 (monthly). Student opinion and discussion. ASF.

*Chicago Poet. 1989- (quarterly). Poetry. ASF.

*Chicago Review. 1946- (quarterly). Poetry, fiction, literary criticism. 1 [1946-1978], ASF [1978- ].

Chicago Scoop-Beacon. 1988. Humor. ASF.

Chicagoan. 1917-1918 (monthly). Essays on current events, poetry, fiction. 1, ASF.

Circle. 1922-1925 (monthly). Poetry, fiction, reviews. 1 [1922-1925], ASF [1922- 1924].

Collected Verse. 1923. Published by the Poetry Club of the University of Chicago, with introduction by Robert Morss Lovett. ASF.

Comment. 1933-1936 (quarterly). Poetry, fiction, criticism. 1 [1935-1936], ASF [1934], B [1933-1935].

Comment. 1956-1957 (weekly). Fiction, poetry, criticism, essays. ASF.

Counterpoint. 1943. University Writers Guild; campus news, current events, commentary. ASF.

Critic. 1945 (monthly). Essays and criticism concerning liberal education; poetry. ASF.

Critique: A Journal of Student Opinion. 1927-1931. Essays, current events commentary. ASF.

Daily Granite. 1971. Student humor. ASF.

Echo: The Yearly Newsmagazine. 1936-1939 (annual). Satirical review of campus events. Bound with Cap and Gown. ASF [1939].

Forge. 1924-1927 (quarterly). Poetry Club; poetry and fiction. 1 [1924-1925], ASF [1926-1927].

Gambolier. 1946 (monthly). Student humor. ASF.

Gaudeamus. 1937. Poetry. ASF.

Grey City Journal. 1968-1994 (weekly). Supplement to the Chicago Maroon, with reviews of literature and the arts. Bound with Chicago Maroon [1968-1993], B [1993- 1994].

Grey U of C B & W Art. 1990. Poetry. ASF.

InPrint. 1988 (monthly). Student writing. ASF.

*Inquiry. 1978- (quarterly). Selected student essays. ASF.

Interregnum. 1972 (quarterly). Poetry, essays, reviews. ASF.

It's Yours. 1989. Essays, humor. ASF.

Joybuzzer. 1991. Humor. ASF.

Man-hater. 1897. Essays. ASF.

Midway Moron. 1979 (monthly). Student humor. ASF.

Monthly Maroon. 1902-1907 (monthly). Fiction, poetry, campus and alumni activities. 1.

Opus. 1950 (monthly). Dormitory Planning Committee; fiction, poetry. ASF.

Phoenix. 1920-1937, 1958-1967 (monthly). Campus satire; Chicago night life. 1.

Poetry Magazine (w/Art). 1977-1979 (quarterly). Poetry and graphics. ASF.

Pulse. 1937-1948 (monthly). Campus news and commentary, humor. 1 [1937-1948], ASF [1948].

*Romance Language Review. 1982- (annual). Creative writing in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. ASF.

Steam Tunnels. ca. 1989. Humor. ASF.

Student Essay Annual. 1952 (quarterly). Selected student works. ASF.

Trend. 1942 (monthly). Fiction, poetry, criticism. ASF.

Wild Onions. 1974-1975 (quarterly). Poetry, prose, graphics. ASF.


Cap and Gown. 1895-1896, 1898-1932, 1934-1941, 1953-1958, 1960-1968, 1977, 1979-1980 (annual). 1, A.

Cap and Gown's Phoenix. 1954. Yearbook supplement. ASF.

Echo, Midway. 1951. 1, A.

Enchiridion. 1897. Senior yearbook of the Class of 1897. 1, A.

*Gargoyle. 1981- (annual). 1985-1986 volumes bear earlier title, Cap and Gown. 1 [1981, 1983, 1985-1986, 1988-1991], A [1986].

Phoenix. 1943 (annual). Yearbook of first two years of the College. 1, A.

Quadrangle Scenic. 1947 (annual). Photographs of campus by members of the University of Chicago Camera Club. 1, A.

University of Chicago: A Portfolio. 1969. Photo supplement to Chicago Maroon B.

yearBox. 1970. B.

Clubs, Fraternities, and Special Interests

Black Light: Black People Working for Black People. 1972. Newsletter. ASF.

Blackfriars. 1908-1917 (annual). Musical scores of Blackfriars productions. 1.

Blaze. 1960. UC Outing Club newsletter. ASF.

*Chicago Art Journal. 1993- (annual). Graduate student research in art history, theory, criticism. ASF.

Chinese Undergraduate Students Association Newsletter. 1992. ASF.

*Cicatriz. 1991- . Women's Union arts journal. ASF.

Feminist News. 1974-1975 (quarterly). Women's Center and University Feminist Organization newsletter. ASF.

Focus!. 1967-1973. "Chicago's Film Journal," movie criticism published by Documentary Film Group. ASF.

Gammabater. 1931 (monthly). Newsletter of the Gamma-Beta Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, for its alumni members and friends. ASF.

*Imagine. 1990- . Women's issues. ASF.

Indian Voices. 1963. Newsletter for those interested in American Indian affairs. ASF.

Iron Key. 1935. Delta Upsilon fraternity newsletter. ASF.

Japanese Students' Annual. 1916. Published by Japanese Club. ASF.

Japanese Student's Review. 1915-1916. Japanese Club; essays on current events. ASF.

Midway Fijigram. 1967. Phi Gamma Delta fraternity newsletter. ASF.

O and S Annual Letter. 1913-1914 (annual). Owl and Serpent Society, newsletter and directory. ASF.

O and S Biennial Letter. 1916-1930 (biennial). Owl and Serpent Society, newsletter and directory. ASF.

O and S Book of letters, 70th Anniversary. 1966. Owl and Serpent Society news letter and directory. ASF.

O and S Letters. 1954. Owl and Serpent newsletter and directory. ASF.

O and S Quadrennial Letter. 1938 (quadrennial). Owl and Serpent newsletter and directory. ASF.

OLAS. 1980-1981. Organization of Latin American Students newsletter. ASF.

Particle. 1966 (quarterly). Journal by and for science students. ASF.

*Rice & Beans. 1991- . Published by the People of Color Organization, concerning ethnic minority issues. ASF.

Sophomore Bugle. 1924. Published by Sophomore Class. ASF.

Thrice-born. 1982 (bimonthly). Women's Union feminist newsletter. ASF.

Triangle. 1924 (monthly). Filipino Triangle Club newsletter for and about students from the Philippines. ASF.

UWA. 1970 (monthly). University Women's Association newsletter. ASF.

Watu Wote Na Wajue. 1972. Black Students' Association; poetry. ASF.

Whoopsilon. 1921. Delta Upsilon fraternity newsletter. ASF.

*WHPK Program Magazine. 1987- (quarterly). Broadcast schedule, music reviews. ASF.

Women's Newsletter. 1977. Newsletter of University Feminist Organization and Women's Union. ASF.

Military Service

Geisha Gazette. 1945-1946 (biweekly). Issued by enlisted men of 3663 SCU, ASTU, Language Company, University of Chicago Battalion. ASF.

Meteorlog. 1943-1945. 31st Army Air Forces Technical Training Detachment yearbook. ASF.

Private Maroon. 1942-1946 (monthly). Newsletter for University alumni in Armed Forces. 1.


Alliance. 1970 (monthly). Students for a Democratic Society. ASF.

Anvil and Student Partisan. 1950-1953 (quarterly). Politics Club; anti-war commentary. ASF.

Campus Citizen. 1940 (monthly). Student Commission of the Fifth Ward Organization of the Communist Party. ASF.

Campus Communist. 1945-1946 (bimonthly). Communist Party newsletter. ASF.

Charred Phoenix. 1991. Campus commentary. ASF.

Chicago Courant. 1992 (weekly). Political views and features. ASF.

*Chicago Crucible. 1988- . Conservative viewpoints. ASF.

Chicago Patriot. 1985. Forum of conservative thought. ASF.

Chicago Spectator. 1984-1985 (monthly). Conservative viewpoint. ASF.

Chicago Student. 1988 (monthly). Continues Midway Review. ASF.

Counterpoint. 1979-1984 (quarterly). Political commentary and reviews. ASF.

Digger. 1990. Published by University of Chicago Democratic Socialists of America. ASF.

*Fourth Estate. 1989- (weekly). Conservative viewpoints and commentary. Bound with Chicago Maroon.

Hawk or the Dove. 1965. Newsletter concerning government policy in Vietnam. ASF.

Hyde Park Jacket. 1989. Conservative viewpoints, humor. ASF.

Life of the Mind. 1967-1968 (biweekly). Students for a Democratic Society newspaper. ASF.

Midway. 1979 (quarterly). Political commentary and reviews. A.

Midway Mirror. 1938 (monthly). Communist Party newsletter. ASF.

Midway Review. 1985-1987 (monthly). Commentary, humor, campus life, conservative viewpoints. Continued by Chicago Student. ASF.

New Chicago. 1979. Current events commentary. ASF.

New Federalist. 1950 (biweekly). University chapter of United World Federalists newsletter. ASF.

New Populist. 1950 (quarterly). Political Forum of the University of Chicago; political commentary. ASF.

*Novum Forum. 1992- (semi-annual). International student magazine on world affairs. ASF.

Ombudsman. 1969. Newsletter of the local chapter of New University Conference, a radical student and faculty organization. ASF.

Pedestrian. 1951 (biweekly). Non-Partisan Students League; political commentary. ASF.

*Pulp. 1992- (monthly). "Analysis, comment, and review." ASF.

Red Gargoyle. 1975-1979 (bimonthly). Chicago Chapter of the New American Movement. ASF.

Salute. 1943 (biweekly). Abraham Lincoln Club and Young Communist League newsletter. ASF.

Soapbox. 1935-1939 (monthly). Socialist Club chapter of Student League for Industrial Democracy. ASF.

Spartacus. 1969. Papers from the Committee of 500 Against Disciplinary Procedures. ASF.

SRP News. 1957-1959 (monthly). Student Representative Party; political commentary. ASF.

Student Government Newsletter. 1955-1978. ASF.

Student Government Report. 1977 (monthly). ASF.

Student Partisan. 1937 (semiquarterly). Socialist political commentary, fiction, poetry. ASF.

Student Partisan. 1947-1950 (quarterly). Politics Club; political commentary. ASF.

Student Socialist. 1943 (quarterly). Socialist Club newspaper. ASF.

Torch. 1945. Socialist Study Club; political commentary. ASF.

Upsurge. 1933-1935 (monthly). University chapter of the National Student League; anti-war newsletter. B.

*Whip. 1991- (biweekly). Conservative and libertarian viewpoints. B.

Yes. 1967-1968 (quarterly). Journal of the Chicago Student Health Organization. Health and society issues. ASF.

Residence Halls and Housing

Apartment & Prefab Newsletter. 1952-1955 (monthly). Continues Pre-fab Newsletter. Continued by Married Students Newsletter. 1.

College House News. 1951-1953 (weekly). Newsletter of the Burton-Judson and Inter- Dorm Councils; events, reports on Council meetings. ASF.

College Newsletter. 1951 (weekly). Inter-Dorm Council. ASF.

Compass. 1951-1955 (biweekly). International House newsletter. ASF.

*Compass. 1992- (monthly). International House newsletter. ASF.

Courtier. 1937-1940 (biweekly). Burton-Judson Court newsletter. ASF.

Dorm Mouse. 1933. Newsletter for residents of Beecher, Foster, Green, and Kelly. ASF.

*Interlock. 1992- (quarterly). Newsletter of International House. Continues International House at the University of Chicago. ASF.

*International House Association Bulletin. 1992- (monthly). Chicago Chapter bulletin. ASF.

International House Compass. 1981-1985 (monthly). Announcements and events for residents. ASF.

International House at the University of Chicago. 1987- . Development newsletter. Continued by Interlock. ASF.

International House Board of Directors Directory. 1950-1959 (annual). ASF.

International House Directory. 1979 (annual). ASF.

International House News. 1933-1934 (biweekly). ASF.

International House Yearbook. 1933-1934 (annual). 1.

Married Students Newsletter. 1955-1956 (monthly). Continues Apartment & Prefab Newsletter. 1.

Pre-fab Newsletter. 1946-1952 (weekly). Continued by Apartment & Prefab Newsletter. 1.

Section Six, Hitchcock Hall. 1912-1915 (annual). Yearbook of Hitchcock Hall residents. ASF.

Snell Hall Cooler. 1906-1910 (annual). Yearbook of Snell Hall residents. ASF.

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