Finding Aids

All Finding Aids beginning with "S"
Sage, Evan Taylor. Manuscripts
Sahlins, Marshall. Papers
Salgado Correa, Alejo, Libro nombrado memorial de martires de Hespana. Manuscript (Ms 64)
Salisbury, Rollin D. Papers
Salloch, William and Marianne, Collection of Prints and Drawings: “People with Books.”
Sand, Knud Aage Buchtrup. Legal Medicine, its Origin, Development and Status in Modern Times, with Special Regard to Denmark
Sandburg, Carl and Ruth Falkenau. Correspondence
Sandburg, Carl-Joseph Halle Schaffner. Collection
Sanders, Edgar. Papers
Sanders, Edgar. Scrapbooks
Sarton, May. Collection
Saville, Julie. Papers
Saxe, John Godfrey. Collection
Say, Jean Baptiste. Collection
Scammon, Arianna E. Collection
Scammon, Jonathon Young. Papers
Schaffner, Joseph Halle, Collection in the History of Science
Schein, Marcel. Papers
Schevill, Ferdinand. Papers
Schilling, George A., Papers
Schmitt, Bernadotte E. Papers
Schneider, David M. Papers
Schomerus, C.P. Ueber die durch das gleichzeitige Vorhandensein eines Herzleidens, einer Struma und eines Exophthalmus characterisirte Krankheit
Schramm, David N. Papers
Schultz, Arthur W. Papers
Schulz, Marjorie Preston. Papers
Schwab, Joseph J. Papers
Schwartz, Samuel. Papers
Schwimmer, Rosika. Papers
Schütze, Eva Watson. Photographs
Schütze, Martin. Papers
Scotch, Hank. Moby Dick Comic Books. Collection
Scott, Arthur Pearson. Papers
Scott, Hugh M. Papers
Scranton, Robert L. Papers
Scrapbook of Clippings on the Boston Subway
Scrapbook of the Chicago Subway System
Sebastian of Naples, Declarationes supplectiones as remissiones. Manuscript (Ms 41)
Sen, Mrinal. Papers
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, Spurious works. Manuscript (Ms 42)
Senn, Nicholas Papers
Sermones Domicales. Manuscript (Ms 158)
Sermones de Adventu Domini. Manuscript (Ms 157)
Seven Woods Press. Records
Shackelford, Benjamin. Papers
Shapey, Ralph. Papers
Sharp, Benjamin. Peary's North Greenland Expedition and the Relief
Shaw, Albert E. Papers
Sheean, Vincent and Ruth Falkenau. Correspondence
Sheet Music. Collection
Shepherd, David. Papers
Sherer, Albert. Papers
Sherwood, Andrew and Clark. Collection
Shillinglaw, David Lee. Papers
Shimer, Henry. Epidemic Diseases
Shorey, Paul. Papers
Shortall, Harrington. Papers
Silbert, Layle. Papers
Silverberg, James. Papers
Simon, Bernece K. Papers
Simons, Henry C. Papers
Simons, Hi. Papers
Simpson, John A. Papers
Simpson, John A.. Papers. Addenda
Simpson, Tracy W. Electrification Project : The Illinois Central Railroad Company Suburban Service at Chicago, Ill.
Simson, Otto G. von. Papers
Singer, Milton. Papers
Sir Nicholas Bacon Collection of English Court and Manorial Documents
Sketch of East High Green Lead Mine
Slaney Family. Notebooks on Gas and Machinery
Slavery in North America Collection
Slotin, Louis Memorial Fund. Records
Slotkin, Elizabeth J. Papers
Slotkin, James Sydney. Papers
Slye, Maud. Papers
Small, Albion W.. Papers
Smith, Adolphe. Chicago and the Slaughter House Question : Inspection an Insufficient Guarantee
Smith, Goldwin. Collection
Smith, Harry M. Papers
Smith, J. M. Powis. Papers
Smith, Joseph V. Papers
Smith, Maurine. Papers
Smith, Raymond T. Papers
Smith, Thomas Vernor. Papers
Smyth Family. Papers
Society of Medical History of Chicago, Bulletin and Correspondence
Society of Medical History of Chicago. Records
Soemmerring, Samuel Thomas von. Icones oculi humani
Sokei-An (Sasaki Shigetsu) and First Zen Institute of America in Japan, Archive of
Solon, Israel. Collection
Sondheim, Harry B. and Branka J. Jewish Heritage Collection
Song Plugger Cards. Collection
Song Sheet and Broadside Poem. Collection
Songs and instrumental pieces. Manuscript (Ms 445)
Songs with instrumental ensemble. Manuscript (Ms 446)
Sonnenschein, Robert. Collection
South Park Improvement Association. Records
South Side Academy. Records
Spallanzani, Lazzaro. Correspondence
Specielle Pathologie und Therapie
Spencer, William M. Collection of French Manuscripts
Spergel, Irving A. Papers
Sperring, Beverly A., Papers
Spike, Robert W. Papers
Spink, George. Collection
Spitzer, Alexander. Collection
Squibb, Francis P. Papers
Stagg, Amos Alonzo. Papers
Stanfield, Reuel. Autobiography
Stanger, Philip. Collection
Stark, Johann Christian. Hebammen-Buch
Stark, Johann Christian. Über Frauenkrankheiten und Kinderkrankheiten
Starr, Frederick. Liberian Research Collection
Starr, Frederick. Mexican Manuscripts. Collection
Starr, Frederick. Papers
Starrett School for Girls. Records
Statius, P. Papinius, Achilleid. Manuscript (Ms 704)
Steed, Gitel P. Papers
Steinbrecher, Frederick "Fritz". Collection
Steiner, John. Collection
Stenn, Frederick. Papers
Stent, G.C., Chinese Eunuchs: Or, the Origin, Character, Dress, Duties, and Preparation of the Castrati of China
Stephens, Alexander H. Collection
Stephenson, William A. F., Papers
Stereograph Cards Collection
Stevens, David H. Papers
Stevens, Warder W., Fruit Culture in Indiana
Stewart, Donald E. Papers
Stieglitz-Mathieu. Correspondence
Stiernberg, Ed. Collection
Stirn, Ernest W. and Henry J. Papers
Stoddard, William Osborn. Collection
Stone, Ursula Batchelder. Collection
Strauss, Herbert R. Collection of Theodore Roosevelt Papers
Strauss, Leo. Papers
Strong, Reuben Myron. History of the Stritch Medical School of Loyola University
Stroud, Drew McCord (Ryu Makoto). Papers
Stutz, John G. Papers
Suddeth, Persis Burns. Papers
Sussman, Alan. Collection
Sutherland, Zena Bailey. Papers
Sweet, William Warren. Papers
Swerdlow, Noel M. Collection
Swift, Charles H. Papers
Swift, Harold. Papers