Edmund Cowdry

Edmund V. Cowdry was born in Alberta, Canada in 1888, the year that the MBL was established. In 1909 he came to the University of Chicago as a graduate student where he studied with Frank Lillie and the anatomist Robert Bensley, both Canadians, receiving his PhD with Bensley in 1913. Cowdry spent many summers doing research at the MBL. In 1924 he recruited his fellow MBL scientists to contribute to General Cytology (published by the University of Chicago Press), an influential text and landmark in the development of cell biology.


Photo of Edmund Cowdry

The MBL History Project, Arizona State University and the MBL

Title page of Cowdry's book

General Cytology: at Textbook of Cellular Structure and Function for Students of Biology and Medicine.  Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1924.  Crerar: QH581.C84