Finding Aids

All Finding Aids beginning with "P"
Packard Airplane Engines. Photographs and Typescripts
Paepcke, Elizabeth H. Papers
Paepcke, Hilken, and Nitze Families. Papers
Paepcke, Walter P. Papers
Palyi, Melchior. Papers
Panarity, Gerim M. Papers
Paper Dolls. Collection
Park House. Records
Park, Robert Ezra. Collection
Parker, Eugene. Papers
Parker, Francis Warner. Papers
Parker, Francis Wayland. Papers
Pashutin, Victor. Course of General and Experimental Pathology
Pasteur, Louis. Letter
Patterson, Harry N. Obituary
Patton, Phyllis J. Container Corporation of America. Collection
Payne, Devall. Collection
Pelacani da Parma, Biagio, Quaestiones super libro Methaurorum. Manuscript (Ms 10)
Perlberg, Mark. Papers
Perlman, Helen Harris. Papers
Perrin, Norman. Papers
Perzigian, Jerome. Collection of Philip Roth
Peter Lombard, Bishop of Paris, Collectanea in epistolas Pauli. Manuscript (Ms 112)
Petrus, Comestor, Historia scholastica. Manuscript (Ms 120)
Petrus, Comestor, Historia scholastica. Manuscript (Ms 121)
Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life Records
Philips, Horatio. Letter to Octave Chanute
Photomicrographs of Pathologic Preparations
Pickens, Anna Gwin. Papers
Pickering, George. Papers
Pierce, Bessie Louise. Papers
Pietro da Verona, Rubricae super quartum et quintum decretalium. Manuscript (Ms 34)
Pilcher, Percy. Materials for the Study of Aeronautical Experiments
Pinero, Arthur Wing. Collection
Pitcher, W. Alvin. Papers
Platt, Robert S.. Papers
Platzman, Robert Leroy. Papers
Playbill and Program. Collection
Plotnick, Harvey B. Collection of the History of Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity
Poe, Edgar Allan. Collection
Poetry Center of Chicago. Records
Poetry: A Magazine of Verse. Records
Polanyi, Michael. Papers
Poleni, Giovanni. Specifications and Drawings of the Poleni Calculating Machine by Joannis Poleni
Political Pamphlets. Collection
Pollak, Richard. Collection of Bruno Bettelheim Research Materials
Pollak, Robert. Papers
Pool, Ithiel de Sola. Papers
Popular Literature. Collection
Posner, Richard A., Papers.
Postcards on Wright's Airplane Ascension at Le Mans
Powell, Elizabeth Robbins. My Cookery Books II
Prass, Marjorie Whitney. Papers
Prenant, Auguste. Les Methodes D'enseignement en General et Celles de L'histologie en Particulier
Presidential Campaign Mementos
Price, Ira M. Papers
Primavera. Records
Principes de fabrique pour les étoffes de soie
Proclus, Elementa theologica. Manuscript (Ms 54)
Procopius of Gaza, Epitome Eclogarum in Heptateuchum et Canticum Canticorum. Manuscript (Ms 55)
Pugh, Jane. Papers
Putnam, Alfred L. Papers
Putnam, Edward Kirby. Papers
Puttkammer, Ernst W. Papers