Finding Aids


Anderson, C. Arnold. Papers

C. Arnold Anderson (1907-1990), Professor of Education. The C. Arnold Anderson Papers consist of articles, notes, correspondence and manuscripts from 1937 to 1990.

Arnett, Trevor. Papers

University and college administrator and trustee. A.B., University of Chicago, 1898. Personal auditor to the President, University of Chicago, 1896-1899; chief accountant, 1899-1901; auditor, 1901-1922; trustee, 1916-1922, 1926-1928, 1937-1941; vice-president and business manager, 1924-1926. Secretary, General Education Board, 1920-1924; president, 1928-1936. President, International Education Board, 1928-1936. Correspondence, drafts and copies of speeches and writings, account of a trip to Scandinavia and Russia (1917), and two autobiographical memoirs of George Noble Carman, director of the Lewis Institute of Chicago. Some correspondence deals with the General Education Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Spelman College. Correspondents include Frederick Taylor Gates, Thomas W. Goodspeed, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Booker T. Washington, a number of college presidents, and members of the University of Chicago administration

Barrash, Annette Medow. Collection

Annette Medow Barrash (b. December 21, 1923, d. July 26, 2019) was a teacher and community activist with a focus on public education and school desegregation in Chicago. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and mathematics and became involved with the Citizens Schools Committee. As Vice President of the Committee, Medow Barrash participated in efforts to strengthen public schools in Chicago in coordination with the City’s Board of Education and contributed to numerous initiatives and programs. The collection documents Annette Medow Barrash’s contributions to education in Chicago, the history and organization of the Citizens Schools Committee, and the history of public education in Chicago, including the process of desegregation and efforts for decentralization.

Beadle, George Wells. Papers

George Wells Beadle, professor, university administrator. The George Wells Beadle papers include speeches, correspondence, subject files, inauguration papers, invitations, press releases, newspaper clippings, offprints, calendars, honorary degrees and certificates, photographs, albums, medals and plaques.

Belfield, Henry H. and Belfield Family. Papers

The Henry H. Belfield and Belfield Family Papers consists of letterbooks, personal correspondence, and other papers of Henry H. Belfield, 1849-1913, and correspondence and papers of Belfield's parents and other relatives, 1844-1967. The Henry H. Belfield and Belfield Family Papers Addenda consists of Henry H. Belfield's 1904 diary as well as newspaper clippings and inserts found in the diary.

Berelson, Bernard R., Study of Graduate Education. Records

Bernard R. Berelson, scientist, professor. The Bernard R. Berelson Study of Graduate Education Papers are comprised of material gathered by Berelson in the course of his work. It includes written reports and letters from respondents; notes of interviews, and self-memoranda prepared by Berelson. The study was published as Graduate Education in the United States, McGraw-Hill, 1960.

Bloomfield, Leonard, and Clarence L. Barnhart. Collection

This collection includes documents relating to the research and publication of Leonard Bloomfield and Clarence L. Barnhart’s linguistic approach to teaching children to read titled Let’s Read ¬– a Linguistic Approach. Further, it also includes documents related to the publication of the revised edition. The collection contains materials dating from the 1930s to 2010, with the majority of materials originating from the 1950s -1960s.

Bowman, Mary Jean. Papers

Mary Jean Bowman (1908-2002) University of Chicago economist best known for her work on the economics of education. The Mary Jean Bowman papers contain published work by Bowman as well as manuscript drafts, notes, and research and teaching materials. The collection also includes reprints and manuscripts by other scholars, correspondence, and some personal files.

Breckinridge, Sophonisba P. Papers

Sophonisba P. Breckinridge (1866-1948) was a social scientist and social work educator. The papers include manuscripts of her unfinished autobiography which describes residents at Hull House; correspondence; newspaper clippings; data from a study on Americanization (1918-1919); and sales and royalty records of her books. Correspondents include Jane Addams and Julia Lathrop.

Chicago Institute: Academic and Pedagogic. Records

The Chicago Institute: Academic and Pedagogic was established by Francis W. Parker in 1900, eventually becoming the University Of Chicago School Of Education. The collection includes announcements, building plans, publications, reports, records, correspondence, meeting notes, and logistical paperwork from the Institute. Materials date from 1900 to 1901.

Chicago Manual Training School. Records

The Chicago Manual Training School was established between 1882 and 1884 by the Chicago Commercial Club. It sought to provide both academic and vocational education for boys at the high school level. In 1903 it became part of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. The Chicago Manual Training School Records contain administrative and financial records, samples of student work, examinations, course catalogues, and publications relating to manual education. Material spans 1882-1913.

Chicago Mechanics' Institute. Records

The Chicago Mechanics' Institute was chartered in 1843 to provide education to mechanics, apprentices, and other workingmen. The records contain correspondence concerning the Institute's educational activities, reports, minutes, membership lists, legal documents, financial records, and historical materials.

Committee for Aid to German and Austrian Scholars. Records

The Committee for Aid to German and Austrian Scholars Records contain the correspondence of the Committee for the years 1947 to 1949. Other materials in the collection include fund-raising materials, reports on conditions in post-War Germany and a scrapbook compiled by students in Wurzburg, Germany for the Committee.

Committee on Science and Freedom. Records

The Committee on Science and Freedom was an outgrowth of the Congress for Cultural Freedom held in Hamburg in 1953. The Records contain correspondence, press clippings, and copies of the Committee on Science and Freedom Bulletin. The collection also includes topical files that track the Committee's support of Hungarian scholars during the Hungarian Revolution and its investigation of conditions at universities in Tasmania and South Africa.

Council on Anthropology and Education. Records

Founded in 1968, the Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE) in stimulating scholarship on education in social and cultural contexts. The Records document the CAE's founding and early activities.

Davis, Allison. Papers

Allison Davis (1902-1983), Professor of Education. The papers contain reprints, manuscripts, and annotated drafts, field notes and various interview data from key projects, correspondence and enclosures, research notes, and associated works by colleagues.

Dewey, John. Collection

John Dewey (1859-1952) was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educator. He helped found the philosophic school of pragmatism, the school of functional psychology, and was a leader of a progressive reform movement in American education. The Collection contains biographical information, a course syllabus taught by Dewey, reprints of Dewey’s writings, a photocopy of the manuscript for Principles of Education, articles and reprints about John Dewey, and book reviews of books about Dewey.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., Board of Editors. Records

The Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., Board of Editors Records consists of minutes from of board meetings from 1949 to 1959. Also included are newspaper clippings, magazines, typescripts, and memoranda concerning the Encyclopaedia Britannica through 1968.

Filbey, Emery T. Papers

Emery T. Filbey was born on December 23, 1878 in Cambridge City, Indiana. In the 1930’s served as the Vice-President of the University of Chicago in addition to serving on the National Labor Relations Board and in other government positions. He was actively involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors, such as the Pullman Education Foundation, the Douglas Smith Health Fund, and the Y.M.C.A.

Finder, Morris. Papers

Morris Finder, Professor Emeritus of English Education, School of Education at the State University of New York, Albany. Finder published a biography Ralph W. Tyler, influential education scholar and University of Chicago professor. Finder's correspondence with Tyler comprises the bulk of the collection.

Gray, William Scott. Papers

The William Scott Gray Papers include Gray's personal correspondence, professional correspondence, and miscellaneous papers accumulated during the later years of his career.

Harper, William Rainey. Papers

William Rainey Harper (1856 -1906) was the first president of the University of Chicago, from 1891 to 1906. The collection is comprised primarily of correspondence, and papers not included in the Harper-Judson-Burton section of the Presidents Papers, and is of a somewhat more personal nature that the Presidents Papers. The collection also contains speeches and manuscripts, including Harper's first convocation address; personal correspondence concerning his illness, funeral and memorial services; and clippings, memorials, reprints of articles by Harper and bibliography of his works. It also contains books from the library of William Rainey Harper, including Prophetae Posteriores; notebooks of both Harper and his secretary; and scrapbooks.

Havighurst, Robert J.. Papers

Robert J. Havighurst (1900-1991), professor and activist. Havighurst was an incredibly active researcher whose work spanned the disciplines of education, psychology, and sociology. He helped to found the Department of Human Development at the University of Chicago. The Havighurst papers primarily contain materials pertaining to his research projects though does include a smaller amount of biographic materials and correspondence and materials pertaining to Havighurst's personal community involvement. Much of the research material pertains to the stages of the life cycle, particularly child development, adolescence and old age. Havighurst's research materials on the study of education are divided by project. His studies focused on small towns, urban schools, and Native American education. The collection also contains some administrative material about the departments of Human Development and Education at the University of Chicago.

Hughes, Everett Cherrington. Papers

The papers of Everett Cherrington Hughes comprise 73.5 linear feet of professional material. The papers document his career as a sociologist and educator, as well as his research in occupations, race relations, and education. The collection consists of a large body of correspondence; course materials from McGill University, the University of Chicago, Brandeis University and Boston College, and lectures, articles, book reviews, and translations. The collection also includes research material, travel diaries, and memoranda by Hughes; studies on occupations done for Canada's Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, and his studies on undergraduate and medical education carried out at the University of Kansas. Some material by Helen MacGill Hughes on the American Sociological Association's Ad-Hoc Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession can also be found in this collection.

Hutchins, Robert M., and Associates. Oral History Interviews

Transcripts of interviews conducted by George W. Dell for a biography of Robert Hutchins. With the exception of one interview with Hutchins in 1958, the interviews were given in 1973-1978. Other interviewees include Lawrence Kimpton, Mortimer Adler, Clifton Fadiman, Richard McKeon, Rexford G. Tugwell, and others.

Hutchins, Robert Maynard. Papers

Robert Maynard Hutchins (1899-1977) was a leader in education reform, dean of the Yale Law School, president and chancellor of the University of Chicago (1929-1951), and an executive at the Commission on Freedom of the Press, the Committee to Frame a World Constitution, Encyclopædia Britannica, the Ford Foundation, the Fund for the Republic, and the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. The collection includes material pertaining to Hutchins' research, writing, and speaking; material relevant to his professional activities; correspondence; subject files; personal ephemera; honors and awards; annotated books; and photographs and audio recordings. Materials date between 1884 and 2000, with the bulk of the material dating between 1921 and 1977.

Hyde Park High School. Records

This collection is comprised of materials relating to Hyde Park High School from 1907 to 1934, including yearbooks, monthly student publications, and information about sporting events and alumni meet-ups, memorabilia, and miscellaneous student belongings.

Johnson, Charles S. (ed.) Education and the Cultural Process. Typescript

Typescript copy of Education and the Cultural Process, edited by Charles S. Johnson. Essays presented at the symposium commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding of Fisk University, which took place from April 29 to May 4, 1941.

Judd, Charles Hubbard. Papers

Charles Hubbard Judd, educator, psychologist. The Charles Hubbard Judd Papers contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, educational surveys, speeches, and articles. Correspondents include Trevor Arnett, Robert Hutchins, and Robert Redfield. Papers document Judd's involvement in professional and educational organizations such as the National Education Association.

Kimpton, Lawrence A. Papers

This collection contains the papers of University of Chicago Chancellor Lawrence A. Kimpton. The collection includes administrative documents, correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs and personal documents of Lawrence Kimpton. Also contained within the collection are documents from Kimpton's career after the University of Chicago. The collection dates from 1890 to 1978, with the bulk of the material dating between 1945 and 1960.

Klüver, Heinrich. Papers

Heinrich Kluver (1897-1979), neuro-psychologist. The Papers contain certificates, bibliographies, diaries, autograph books, day books, diplomas, correspondence, original manuscripts, articles and reprints, and photographs of Heinrich Klüver and his second wife Harriet Schwenk.

Koch, Helen Lois. Papers

Helen Lois Koch, child psychologist, professor. The Helen Lois Koch Papers contain correspondence, research notes, drafts and typescripts of articles, reports, lectures, reviews and comments regarding publications, and Koch's doctoral dissertation Also contains records of the University of Chicago Nursery School (1932-1949) including budgets, personnel files, administrative reports and offprints. Much of the material concerns Koch's interests in child development and nursery school training.

Krug, Mark M. Papers

Mark M. Krug (1915-2004), professor of history and education, served on the faculty of the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Education during the 1960s and 1970s. Krug was interested in the politics of cultural pluralism both as an academic and in the wider community, and he was involved with secondary school curriculum initiatives at the state and national levels. He chaired the Zionist Organization of Chicago. The Mark M. Krug Papers include correspondence, teaching materials, and scholarly and public writings.

Lewis, Edwin Herbert. Papers

Edwin Herbert Lewis, writer and rhetorician. The Edwin Herbert Lewis Papers contain correspondence, diaries, notebooks, manuscripts, teaching materials, offprints, photographs, and memorabilia. Correspondents include Rabindranath Tagore and George Carman. The collection also includes the words to the University of Chicago "Alma Mater" which Lewis wrote in 1894.

Link, Adeline De Sale. Papers

Adeline De Sale Link, chemistry professor. The Adeline De Sale Link Papers consist of notes on class assignments (1912-1913), notes on the role of women in graduate education (c.1940-1941), and a newspaper clipping.

McCaul, Robert L., Jr. Papers

Robert L. McCaul, Jr. was Professor of Education at the University of Chicago, and a scholar of John Dewey and of the history of public education in Illinois. The collection contains correspondence, research materials, material regarding the 1969 student sit-in at the University of Chicago, and drafts of several books. Material dates from 1900 to 1994, with the bulk dating between 1963 and 1991.

McKeon, Richard Peter. Papers

The Richard Peter McKeon Papers comprise 103.75 linear feet of material, including professional and personal correspondence, research materials, manuscripts of books and articles, course materials, papers concerning UNESCO, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and other projects and associations with which McKeon was engaged. Most of the papers cover the late 1920s through the mid-1980s and document McKeon's graduate studies and teaching at Columbia University, and his long tenure at the University of Chicago. McKeon's papers document the growth and development of education and educational philosophy at the University of Chicago during the presidency of Robert Maynard Hutchins, as well as the continuing development of the Department of Philosophy (and other departments) through the decades of McKeon's professorship. The papers include an extensive collection of McKeon's writings, both published and unpublished, his course materials, and detailed lecture notes. The papers also document McKeon's involvement with international concerns through materials relating to the Committee to Frame a World Constitution and several international meetings of UNESCO which McKeon attended as a U.S. delegate.

McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham. Papers

Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin, Historian. The Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin Papers contain personal and professional correspondence, notes, and manuscripts. The collection documents McLaughlin's interest in improving the quality of teaching history and teacher training; the role of the historian in American society, in particular during and after World War I; and the writing of constitutional history.

Morrison, Henry Clinton. Papers

Henry Clinton Morrison was a Professor of Education and the Superintendent of Laboratory Schools. Contains correspondence with Charles Hubbard Judd, Dean of the School of Education, and other individuals. Also includes Xerox copies of Morrison's writings, biographical material and letters concerning a Ph.D. dissertation on Morrison by Hugo Beck.

Native American Educational Services. Beaulieu, David. Papers

David Beaulieu, education professor and administrator, was the President of the Board of Trustees of the Native American Educational Services College from 1973-1997. The collection forms part of the archives of Native American Educational Services, and consists of 6.5 linear feet of materials related to Dr. Beaulieu's research and social interests. This includes educational materials, government documents, and newspapers and newsletters from various Native American organizations. This collection also includes some directories for schools and informational brochures.

Native American Educational Services. Chicago Campus. Records

Records from the Chicago campus of Native American Educational Service. The collection contains material pertaining to the operation and history of both NAES and the American Indian Center of Chicago. The collection also contains papers from a wide variety of other American Indian organizations.

Native American Educational Services. Community Board Training Project. Records

The Community Board Training Project was an educational program of Native American Educational Services College. CBTP addressed the occupational training needs of Native Americans in the Chicago area, as well as cooperative efforts among various Native American organizations in the area. This collection forms part of the archives of Native American Educational Services, and consists of 9.25 linear feet of materials related to CBTP's administration, programming, and work with other organizations. This collection also contains some materials regarding the relationship between the CBTP and several other organizations in the Chicago area.

Native American Educational Services. David Beck. Papers

David Beck served as a professor at NAES College in Chicago. This collection contains correspondence, syllabus, and administrative papers related to Beck's work at NAES. The collection forms part of the archives of Native American Educational Services.

Native American Educational Services. Robert V. Dumont, Jr. Papers

The papers in this collection belong to one of the initiators of the Native American Education Services (NAES) College, Robert V. Dumont Jr. Most notably, this collection includes Dumont’s field notes from several research projects conducted around issues of Indian education in the United States, mostly dating from the 1960s, prior to his involvement in the NAES. Also included are papers connected to his education, his work with various Indian organizations in addition to the NAES, his manuscripts and publications, his research, NAES and its Community Archives, as well as some personal papers.

Native American Educational Services. Student Field Projects

This collection contains student field projects submitted by NAES College students from all campuses. Students completed theses on sociological and personal subjects that furthered the understanding of the living conditions of the contemporary Native American. Subjects include: childcare, historical treaties, alcoholism, tribal resources, social services, modernization, suicide, economic development and medical care. The collection forms part of the archives of Native American Educational Services.

Native American Educational Services. Tax, Sol. Papers

Sol Tax (1907-1996) was a prominent cultural anthropologist at the University of Chicago who was instrumental to the foundation of the Native American Educational Services (NAES) as an offshoot of his work with Native Americans in Chicago and throughout the Americas. This collection consists of 24 linear feet of materials related to Tax's research on American Indians, especially those in and around Chicago, as well as his work with various social issues including race and poverty. The bulk of this collection is made up of publications and papers collected for research, as well as newsletters and newspapers written by or about American Indians. The rest of the collection contains correspondence and administrative materials from organizations with which Dr. Tax was involved.

Parker, Francis Wayland. Papers

Francis Wayland Parker (1837-1902), Educator. The collection consists primarily of scrapbooks containing clippings of newspaper and magazine articles by and about Parker, and notices containing information on institutions, organizations, educational movements, and teaching methods with which he was associated. Also contains some manuscripts and correspondence.

Pollak, Richard. Collection of Bruno Bettelheim Research Materials

Richard Pollak is an author and a former executive editor of The Nation and an associate editor of Newsweek. The Collection includes documents, interviews, photographs, and correspondence he collected while writing The Creation of Dr. B: A Biography of Bruno Bettelheim (1997.) Bettelheim was a child psychologist as well as the director of the Orthogenic School at the University of Chicago from 1944 to 1973.

Rosenwald, Julius. Papers

Julius Rosenwald, businessman and philanthropist. The papers of Julius Rosenwald contain correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and a 1963 Rosenwald family tree. The collection documents Rosenwald's deep sense of social responsibility and commitment to philanthropic and civic endeavors, in particular his support of rural schools for African Americans, higher education, Jewish charities, and medical care. The collection also includes reports and minutes of the Julius Rosenwald Fund (1928-1933) and sixteen scrapbooks containing correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia that reflect Rosenwald's progressive reform activities, including support for the Tuskegee Institute, Howard University, World War I relief efforts in Illinois, and early development of the NAACP.

Ruml, Beardsley. Papers

Beardsley Ruml (1894-1960), probably best know for his "Pay - As - You - Go" income tax plan, also achieved distinction as an educator, trust administrator, business executive, and advisor to commerce, industry, education, and government, particularly in the field of financial and fiscal policy. In addition, he was a prolific writer and much in demand as a speaker, both on general subjects of social and economic interest and on his fields of specialization.

Rush Medical College. Records

Contains agreements between Rush Medical College and the University of Chicago. Also includes some correspondence and copies of miscellaneous documents and printed material, including the Rush Medical School charter, pamphlets, and programs.

Schwab, Joseph J. Papers

Joseph J. Schwab (1909-1988), Professor of Natural Sciences and Education. The Papers comprise including drafts and notes of published and unpublished works, professional and personal correspondence, examinations and other teaching materials, and audio tapes. They document Schwab's career at the University of Chicago, and some of his subsequent work at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara, California.

Scott, Arthur Pearson. Papers

Arthur Pearson Scott was a Professor of Modern History, at the University of Chicago. The collection contains correspondence, memoranda, and reports related to the University Senate and its committees, the Department of History, general education in the humanities, the implementation of the New Plan for the College, proposed abolition of academic rank, the 4E contract for faculty members, and the University Senate memorial submitted to the Board of Trustees in 1944 opposing administrative plans of President Robert M. Hutchins.

South Side Academy. Records

The South Side Academy was founded in 1892 and merged with other area schools to form University High School at the turn of the century. The South Side Academy records include financial as well as student records.

Spike, Robert W. Papers

The Reverend Doctor Robert Warren Spike (1923-1966) was a minister, theologian, and activist who served as the first Executive Director of the Commission on Religion and Race of the National Council of Churches and Professor of Ministry and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program in the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. A leader in mobilizing church involvement in the civil rights movement, Spike was murdered less than a year after assuming his post in Chicago.

Starrett School for Girls. Records

Records, photographs and memorabilia from the University of Chicago Lower Rickert House, part of the Woodward Court residential hall that was demolished in 2001.

Sutherland, Zena Bailey. Papers

Zena Bailey Sutherland (1915-2002) (AB 1937, AM 1958 University of Chicago) was associated with the University of Chicago Graduate Library School throughout her career as faculty and as editor and reviewer for the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books from 1958 to 1985. Over the course of her career, she reviewed more than 30,000 children's books, for the Bulletin and as children's book editor for the Saturday Review and the Chicago Tribune. She authored six editions of the classic text Children and Books The Sutherland Papers consist of materials from work in the Graduate Library School, papers regarding her service on the Newbery, Caldecott, and other children's literature award committees, speeches and writings, biographical materials, and correspondence related to her professional work at the University and as editor and author for children's literature.

Talbot, Marion. Papers

Contains the correspondence and papers of Marion Talbot, Assistant Professor of Sanitary Science, Associate professor of Household Administration, and Dean of Women at the University of Chicago from its inception in 1892 until her retirement in 1925.

Thelen, Herbert. Papers

Herbert Thelen (1913-2008). Professor of Education at the University of Chicago, researcher in group dynamics and behavioral science. The Thelen Papers contain manuscripts, notes, research materials, and records from studies conducted by Thelen. Also included are a small amount of personal and biographical material and correspondence, as well as photographs and several filmstrips.

Tyler, Ralph W. Papers

Ralph W. Tyler (1902-1994) Professor of Education and university administrator. Contains correspondence, minutes, sample dissertations, examinations, manuscripts of speeches and articles, published works, biographical material, and letters of recommendation. Papers document Tyler's involvement with the United States Department of Agriculture Extension Service workshops, Doane College, the American Council on Education, and the University of Chicago Department of Education and Division of Social Sciences, as well as other organizations.

University of Chicago. College of Education. Records

The College of Education was an undergraduate teachers' college operating within the School of Education from 1901 to 1931. These records contain the minutes of the College and School of Education, an extensive series of administrative and professional correspondence of the Dean of the College, and letters and documents concerning Phi Delta Kappa, a national educational fraternity.

University of Chicago. Committee on the Preparation of Teachers. Records

The Committee on the Preparation of Teachers Records contains the minutes of the University of Chicago Committee on the Preparation of Teachers, and of its sub-committee, the Committee on Core Courses for the Professional Preparation of Teachers. The minutes of the Committee cover the period from June, 1943 to April, 1953. In addition to the minutes themselves they contain occasional covering letters and announcements of meetings. Also in the collection are some papers of the sub-committee on Core Courses from 1943 to 1945, which consists of letters, reports and statements.

University of Chicago. Comparative Education Center. Records

The Comparative Education Center was to create a cross-cultural foundation for the maturing branches of educational researhc. The records consist of the Center's Annual Reports from 1959-1977.

University of Chicago. Graduate School of Education. Records

Records of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Chicago. The collection spans the years 1958-1974.

University of Chicago. Laboratory Schools. Records

The Laboratory Schools Records Contain reports, minutes, memoranda, student records, academic calendars, correspondence, alumni questionnaires, publications, tests, and scrapbooks. The collection includes materials related to both the Elementary and the High School. The major topics covered in the records include administration, curriculum, faculty, parents' association, student affairs, and alumni.

University of Chicago. Laboratory Schools. Work Reports

The Laboratory School Work Reports are made up of monthly and quarterly reports about the Elementary and Secondary division of the University of Chicago's Laboratory School.

University of Chicago. University Extension. Records

One of the five original divisions of the University, the Extension was created "to bring as far as possible its [the University's] many advantages for culture and instruction to people who are prevented by circumstances from going to the University itself." The Records contains correspondence, reports, minutes, student examination grades, syllabi, course descriptions, and scrapbooks of promotional and informational material. Includes minutes of the Board of the University Extension (1901-1911). Also includes administrative and financial files from the Extension's constituent units, including: the Home Study Department (1892-1961), particularly the Navy Correspondence Courses Research Project (1949-1962); the Lecture-Study Department (1892-ca. 1902); and the University College/Downtown Center (1892-1979), especially the Self-Study Project (1933-1962) and the Union Research and Education Projects/Union Leadership Program (1949-1965).

Ward, F. Champion. Papers

F. Champion Ward, educator, consultant, author. The F. Champion Ward Papers consist of essays and speeches by Ward about the University of Chicago under the presidency of Robert Maynard Hutchins, as well as clippings, memos and correspondence about the Filbey controversy of 1953. The collection also includes correspondence between Ward and Hutchins, L.A. Klimpton, and William McNeil.