Finding Aids

All Finding Aids beginning with "M"
MacClintock, William D. Papers
MacDowell, Charles Henry. Papers
MacFarland, Faye Millard. Papers
MacNair, Harley F. Papers
MacRae, Donald Alexander. Papers
Maclean, Norman. Papers
Madison, James and Dolley Madison. Collection
Mailer, Norman. Manuscript of The Deer Park
Majima, Seigan. Majima Aammoku Ichibu No Gokui No Makimono
Malone, Virginia Eckels. Family. Papers
Maloof, John. Collection of Vivian Maier
Manby, George William. Sketches Made in Greenland
Mandel, Sidney W.. Collection of English Legal Documents
Manly, John Matthews. Papers
Manning, George, Adventures of a Half Guinea. Manuscript (Ms 626)
Manning, Richard. Band. Collection
Manufacturers of Toledo. Committee on Smoke Abatement. Majority Report of the Investigating Committee
Marcus, Ralph. Papers
Margolis, A. Fundamental Principles of Municipal Heating
Markwick, William. Danish Plants Found in the British Isles
Martin, August Eduard. Illustrations of Forcepses. Scrapbook
Martin, August Eduard. Notes
Martin, John. Book of Receipts
Martinez, Maria Elena. Papers
Maser, Edward. Papers
Materia Medica
Mathematics Manuscripts
Mather, Kirtley Fletcher. Papers
Mathesius, Johann, Joachimsthaler Chronica. Manuscript (Ms 68)
Mathews, Shailer. Papers
Matthews, Fred. Papers
Mauder, József. Letter
Max Mason. Papers
Maximow, Alexander A. Papers
Mayer, Albert A. Papers
Mayo-Smith, Richmond. Papers
McBurney, Charles. Papers
McCaul, Robert L., Jr. Papers
McDavid, Raven I. Papers
McDowell, Harold Louis. Collection of the Century of Progress Exposition
McKeon, Richard Peter. Papers
McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham. Papers
McLean, Franklin C. Papers
McNeill, William H. Papers
McPartland, Jimmy and Marian. Collection
McQuown, Norman A. Papers
Mead, George Herbert. Papers
Mead, Irene Tufts, Collection of Alice Boughton. Photographs
Mead, Mildred. Photographs
Medical History, Correspondence
Medical Prescriptions
Medical Prescriptions and Other Recipes
Medical Tax Reports, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Meisen, Vlademar. Treatment of Varices and Their Sequelae by Injection (Eczema and Ulcus Cruris)
Mencken, H. L. Collection
Mentschikoff, Soia. Papers
Merriam, Charles E. Papers
Merriam, Robert E. Papers
Metzler, Lloyd A. Papers
Meyer, Leonard B. Papers
Meyer, Peter. Papers.
Meynell, Alice. Collection
Michelson, Albert A. Papers
Michigan Governor's Committee to Investigate the Detroit Race Riot. Records
Middle Eastern Posters. Collection
Miles, Nelson Appleton. Collection
Mill, John Stuart. Collection
Milla, Karl, Die Flugbewegung der Vögel
Millard Avenue Woman's Club. Collection
Miller, Merton H. Papers
Mills, Ralph J., Jr. Papers
Milne-Edwards, Alphonse, Mammifères. Mélanges
Minerva. Records
Minnick, James L., University of Chicago Settlement Album
Mirsky, Marvin. Papers
Miyakawa Family Collection
Modern Cook, The
Modern Poetry Collection of Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Modern Poetry Little Magazine Collection
Modern Poetry Photograph Collection
Moedebeck, Herman, W.L. Papers on Aeronautics
Moffitt, George Wilbur. Papers
Monroe, Harriet. Papers
Montgomery, Mike. Collection
Moody, Harriet Brainard. Papers
Moody, William Vaughn. Papers
Moore, Carl R. Papers
Moore, Eliakim Hastings. Papers
Moore, James H. Papers
Morgan, Thomas J. Papers
Morgan, W. W. Papers
Morris, Edward House. Collection
Morris, Norval. Papers.
Morrison, Henry Clinton. Papers
Morton, Charles, Agency. Collection of American Popular Drama
Moscow Twelfth International Congress of Medicine. Scrapbook
Motion Picture Stills. Collection
Mulliken, Robert S. Papers
Mulliken, Robert S. Scientific Offprints Collection
Munting, Abraham. Phytographia Curiosa
Murdock, Fanny Bristol and Sarah Bristol Family. Papers
Murphy, William S. Papers
Musham, Harry A. The Graphic Solution of Triangles by Means of the Triangle Diagram/Graphic Calculation
Music Relating to the University of Chicago. Records