Candy Production, Methods, and Formulas

In his preface Richmond calls the postwar period a new era for candy. He goes on to suggest that candy's value as food was supported by the armed forces. Indeed, World War II military contracts were good to the candy business. Soldiers returned home asking for the candy that had helped supply not only nutritional energy, but also memories of home.

Along with recipes, the book gives practical answers to confectionery production problems. It includes a section on troubleshooting and gives some general points in the preface to help candymakers. These include tips about starting with clean utensils and preparing ingredients before beginning a project. In addition, Mr. Richmond advises:

"Skill of workmanship is developed by learning the characteristics of ingredients used and their actions, under the various conditions to which they will be subjected, in the manufacturer of candy.An open mind is an open door to knowledge. New methods of doing things are constantly being developed. Prove all new suggestions either right or wrong, before venturing a positive opinion.The first impression is the lasting impression. Pack all candies in such a manner so as to insure eye appeal when package is opened."

Recipe for Hand Roll Cream

Richmond, Walter, Candy Production, Methods, and Formulas (Chicago: Manufacturing Confectioner), 1948, pg.98. Crerar TD2 352