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University of Chicago - Student Life and Athletics

Alvarez, Geraldine. Papers

Geraldine Alvarez was a University of Chicago alumnus who remained active in the university community throughout her life. This small collection consists of university memorabilia and class reunion materials.

Baptist Divinity House. Records

The Baptist Divinity House assisted with funding, housing, career placement and other means of support for students pursing Baptist ministry at the University of Chicago Divinity School. The collection contains correspondence, student directories, ledger books, financial statements, reports, minutes, and publications.

Brainerd, Mary Bowen. Papers

Mary Bowen Brainerd, writer. The Mary Bowen Brainerd Papers consist of correspondence, research notes, and drafts of a dissertation.

Braude, Lee. Papers

Lee Braude, sociologist, University of Chicago A.M. 1954, PhD, 1964. Collection includes materials from courses in Sociology, Social Science, and Anthropology; correspondence, meeting minutes, and information from the Department of Sociology; newspaper clippings and comics; memoranda from student activities and events; materials from research projects; PhD examinations; and reprints of articles by Braude and others.

Braude, Marjorie. Papers

Marjorie (Sperry) Braude (1924-2005) was a prominent psychiatrist and activist against domestic violence in Los Angeles, California. Raised in Chicago, Braude earned her B.A., B.S., and M.D. at the University of Chicago. She then practiced psychiatry and played an active role in numerous organizations devoted to promoting women's health issues, improving the status of women in the field of medicine, and fighting domestic violence. She served as president of the Westwood Psychiatric Hospital's medical staff and chaired the Los Angeles City Domestic Violence Task Force. The collection includes Braude's class notes, assignments, study materials, research materials, and publications from her time at the University of Chicago. Materials date between 1935 and 1950, with the bulk of the material dating between 1942 and 1949.

Brown, Rachel Fuller. Notebooks

The Rachel Fuller Brown Notebooks collection consists chiefly of class and laboratory notes relating to chemistry courses taken during Brown's years at the University. Included also are notes and materials from a summer course taken at Harvard University. These materials have been arranged in three series: notes identified by the name of the instructor and the course number; notes identified only by course or subject; and miscellaneous notebooks.

Butler, Demia. Papers

The Demia Butler Papers consist of a diary written during Butler's first year as a student at the University of Chicago, 1892-1893.

Butler, Digby B. Papers

Digby Bell Butler, poet, lawyer, judge. The Digby B. Butler Papers consist of a scrapbook, a manuscript, and newspaper articles.

Chessman, Dorothy Crowder. Papers

Dorothy Crowder Chessman, teacher. The Dorothy Crowder Chessman Papers consist of a manuscript from 1987 titled “University of Chicago Days.” In it Chessman describes her experiences as a student at the University of Chicago.

Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles. Oral Histories. Collection

This collection contains 67 oral histories conducted for “Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles: A History of LGBTQ Life at the University of Chicago,” a research project of the University of Chicago’s Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) from 2012 to 2015. The project’s mission was to document the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals and communities at the University of Chicago from the early twentieth century to the present. Interviews were conducted with UChicago alumni, faculty, and staff. Most interviewees are alumni. Class years of interviewed alumni range from 1958 to 2014.

Crossroads International Student Center. Records

Crossroads International Student Center was founded in 1951 in Hyde Park to provide services for international students. Their records include correspondence, reports, Council minutes, membership information, newsletters, event programming information, budgets, fundraising information, memorabilia, photographs, and audio-visual recordings.

Curtiss, John Christlieb. Papers

John Christlieb Curtiss, student, University of Chicago, 1895-1896. The John Christlieb Curtiss Papers consist of a notebook dated from 1896 to 1903.

Drew, Helen L.. Correspondence

Helen L. Drew received her M. A. degree in English from the University of Chicago in 1915. She was appointed an instructor in English at Wellesley College in 1917 and in 1919 joined the faculty of Rockford College. The Helen L. Drew Correspondence consists of thirty-seven letters which Miss Drew received from a group of her friends, mainly graduate students with whom she had studied in the English Department at the University, during and shortly after World War I.

Elmer, Manuel Conrad. Papers

Manuel Conrad Elmer received one of the first doctorate degrees in sociology given by the University of Chicago. His dissertation and early research utilized social survey techniques. In 1926, he helped to found the department of sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. The Manuel Conrad Elmer papers comprise 1.5 linear feet of material and date from 1907 to 1980. The papers include Elmer’s sociological publications; additional, non-sociological writings from later in his life; a series of interviews of Elmer conducted in 1978 and 1979; personal records from his college years; a scrapbook of newspaper articles, further newspaper clippings and announcements; and correspondence.

Epstein, Dena. Papers

Dena Epstein is the former Assistant Music Librarian at the University of Chicago. This collection consists of Epstein’s materials from a class taken at the University of Chicago with Professor Samuel N. Harper, “Russia since 1900” (History 340) in 1937-38.

Falk, Ella Tilles. Papers

Ella Tilles Falk attended the University of Chicago as an undergraduate from 1919 to 1923. The collection contains a scrapbook documenting her undergraduate life, and includes event programs and tickets, clippings, photographs, notes from friends, party place cards, and other ephemera. With the exception of one letter, material in the collection dates from 1919 to 1923.

Farr, Shirley. Papers

Shirley Farr, student, faculty instructor, donor. The Shirley Farr Papers consist of a letter from Daisy E. Wood to the residents of Beecher Hall at the University of Chicago (1904); copy of The College Girls' Record, annotated by Farr; and photographs.

General Archival Files

The General Archival Files are a collection of general information and ephemeral materials related to the history of administrative units, organizations, and activities at the University of Chicago. The General Archival Files include a wide variety of items such as documents, brochures, pamphlets, clippings, programs, invitations, press releases, advertisements, and recollections of the history of academic departments by former faculty members. The arrangement of the files is alphabetical by the name of the administrative unit, organization, or activity.

Goettler, Harold E. Papers

Harold E. Goettler was a University of Chicago graduate (1914) who joined the United States Air Service in 1917. Goettler was killed in the line of duty during World War I, while flying supply runs to Allied troops trapped by Germans in the Argonne Forest. This collection contains memorabilia of Goettler's days as a student, including an exceptionally large and elaborate scrapbook representing his academic, athletic and social activities at University of Chicago. Also included are memorabilia from his time in the Air Service.

Hall, James Parker, Jr. Papers

James Parker Hall, Jr., early student, businessman, University of Chicago treasurer. The James Hall Parker, Jr. papers consist of three Student Handbooks of the University of Chicago from 1923 to 1926.

Harlan, Robert and Lois. Papers

Robert and Lois Harlan were alumni of the University of Chicago. Robert Harlan was an exchange student in Marburg, Germany in 1938-1939 at the dawn of the Second World War and experienced the Kristallnacht. He served as Consul General of the United States in Frankfurt, Germany during 1971-1975. The collection contains official and personal correspondence, notes, manuscripts and typescripts, newspaper clippings and copies, scrapbooks, and photographs dating between 1922 and 2009. The bulk of the material dates between 1935 and 1940 and 1971-1975. The papers primarily document Robert Harlan's student years, his exchange in Germany, and his consulship in Frankfurt.

Harris, Gertrude Epstein. Papers

Gertrude Epstein Harris, student. The Gertrude Epstein Harris Papers consist of Harris's University of Chicago Chemistry 21 examination booklets (1923), lyrics for a song about Chemistry Department faculty (1921), and an annotated chemistry textbook.

Hayner, Norman S.. Papers

Norman S. Hayner, Sociologist. The Norman S. Hayner Papers contain copies of diary entries made by Hayner between January 1, 1921 and September 13, 1922.

Heirens, William Case. Newspaper Clippings

The William Heirens' Case Collection newspaper clipping file contains clippings about the criminal activity of Heirens, a seventeen-year-old, second-year student in the College of the University of Chicago, who was charged with three brutal murders and some 100 burglaries. The clippings, drawn mainly from Chicago newspapers, the Daily News, the Herald-American, the Sun, the Times, and the Tribune, are arranged chronologically.

Hoebeke, Cornelius. J. Papers

Cornelius J. Hoebeke, student. The Cornelius J. Hoebeke Papers consist of five letters (1893-1895) written by Cornelius Hoebeke to his cousin Cornelia Hoebeke while he was a student at the University of Chicago. Also includes a graduation photograph of Cornelius.

Hoff, Ramon B. Papers

Ramon Brewster Hoff (1935-2016) was a University of Chicago graduate and physicist. The Papers contain Hoff’s course notes, assignments, and exams, research notes, dissertation materials, published writings, and a collection of articles and lectures written by others. The bulk of the material dates from 1957 to 1969, during his doctoral study and research at the University of Chicago.

Jackson, Eleanor and Julian. Papers

Eleanor and Julian Jackson, early students. The Eleanor and Julian Jackson Papers consist of two booklets of memoirs and one letter.

Jameson, Vesta. Papers

This collection consists of one scrapbook compiled by Vesta Jameson, an undergraduate at the University of Chicago from 1904 to 1908. The scrapbook contains photographs, event programs, correspondence, and other ephemera from her time at the university.

Kahn, Maurice M. Papers

Maurice M. Kahn, early student. The Maurice M. Kahn Papers consist of an undergraduate course book (1924), a student handbook of the University of Chicago (1926-1927), and 3 University of Chicago report cards (1926-1927).

Kruskal, William. Papers

William Kruskal, professor of statistics. The William Kruskal Papers consist of materials relating to student protests at the University of Chicago and elsewhere in 1969. Although this represents the bulk of the papers in the collection, there are also materials on the Harris Committee materials concerning an Afro-American Cultural Center, the Wegener Report, the Spartacus Report, the Gray Report on the status of women faculty, Edward H. Levi's correspondence, and materials from Kruskal's tenure as a member of the Faculty Committee on Government Contracts and Grants (1964-1973). The papers in the collection include correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clipping, articles, and other materials.

Lee, Elon N. and Edson S. Bastin. Papers

Elon N. Lee and Edson S. Bastin, early students. The Elon N. Lee and Edson S. Bastin Papers consist of Edson S. Bastin's correspondence (1866-1919), Elon Lee's diary (1864-1865), drafts of essays, and miscellaneous ephemera concerning the Old University of Chicago (1867-1881).

Leopold, Nathan F. Collection

The Nathan F. Leopold Collection consists of materials gathered by John P. Long, a classmate of Leopold's at the University of Chicago. The collection includes correspondence, which traces Long's involvement with Leopold and his case. The relationship between the two was reestablished in 1952 as Long assisted in the efforts to parole Leopold from prison. After Leopold's death, Long was contacted by Ronald Martinetti, who in conjunction with Leopold's widow, was working on a biography of Leopold. Other materials in the collection include news clippings and books. One of the books is a group of poems written by Jack Franks and dedicated to his brother Bobby, the boy murdered by Leopold and Richard Loeb.

Lincoln, Adaline. Papers

Adaline Lincoln, early student. The Adaline Lincoln Papers consist of a paper by Lincoln for a Latin seminar taught by Elmer Truesdell Merrill from 1922 to 1923. The paper is titled "Pomponius Laetus' Marginal Readings in His Copy of the Treviso (1483) Edition of Pliny's 'Letters'".

Link, Adeline De Sale. Papers

Adeline De Sale Link, chemistry professor. The Adeline De Sale Link Papers consist of notes on class assignments (1912-1913), notes on the role of women in graduate education (c.1940-1941), and a newspaper clipping.

Lloyd, Alice. Papers

Alice Lloyd, early student. The Alice Lloyd Papers consist of her diary (from October 29, 1901 to December 5, 1901), nine essays written by Lloyd around the fall of 1901, and handwritten copies (by Lloyd) of verses and essays by O.W. Holmes and John Ruskin.

Lunde Family. Papers

This collection contains three scrapbooks compiled by Erling and Bjarne Lunde, brothers who attended the University of Chicago between 1908 and 1914. The scrapbooks contain personal ephemera, photographs, and correspondence. The material dates from 1902-1964; bulk dates are 1908-1914.

MacFarland, Faye Millard. Papers

Faye Millard MacFarland, early student. The Faye Millard MacFarland Papers consist of notes taken by MacFarland (January – February 1927), a brochure, and schedule for the course "American Life," a series of radio discussions given by twenty-one professors at the University of Chicago.

Music Relating to the University of Chicago. Records

This collection consists of sheet music and band scores for several songs featured at band events, mainly, at the University of Chicago.

O'Connell, Charles David. Papers

Charles David O'Connell (1923-2002) served in the University of Chicago administration after receiving of his M.A. in English (1947). He was named Assistant Director of Admissions in 1952, then served as Dean of Students from 1967 until his retirement in 1986. He was also named Vice President of the University in 1973. O'Connell developed a national reputation as a major influence on the development of policies on college recruitment, admissions and financial aid. This collection contains materials related to O'Connell's tenure at the University as a graduate student in the English department. These include class notes, exams, lecture notes, and academic publications. The majority of the collection, however, is composed of correspondence written during this period.

Pickens, Anna Gwin. Papers

Anna Gwin Pickens, student. The Anna Gwin Pickens Papers consist of correspondence, University of Chicago handbooks and course books, a passport, notes, photographs, and miscellaneous materials relating to Pickens undergraduate years at the University of Chicago.

Prass, Marjorie Whitney. Papers

This collection contains papers, photographs, costumes and ephemera belonging to Marjorie Whitney Prass, an alumna of the University of Chicago and an avid dancer. The bulk of the collection is comprised of over 200 pieces of costume clothing, accessories and props. The majority were made for Prass by her mother, Mathilde Muller Whitney, for performances at the University of Chicago. The collection also includes choreography notes and programs from dance performances in Chicago from the 1930s through the 1980s.

Pugh, Jane. Papers

Jane Pugh, student. The Jane Pugh Papers consist of course materials from Pugh's years as a student at the University of Chicago, including syllabi, exam questions, course readings, textbooks, and exams.

Putnam, Edward Kirby. Papers

Edward Kirby Putnam (1868-1939). Contains notes, syllabi, schedules, outlines, and drafts of terms papers for classes Putnam took as a graduate student in English and sociology at the University of Chicago. Includes classes taught by William McClintock, Oscar Triggs, Frederic I. Carpenter, Edwin Lewis, and Charles Henderson.

Quadranglers. Records

The Quadranglers were a University of Chicago women’s club, founded in 1895. The Records comprise papers, photographs and memorabilia documenting the club's activities.

Rice, Eleanor Smith. Papers

Eleanor Smith Rice, student. The Eleanor Smith Rice Papers consist of correspondence and clippings related to Rice's years as a student at the University of Chicago.

Rise, John Manfred. Papers

The letters and ephemera of John Manfred Rise (1899-1970) describe student life at the University of Chicago between 1919 and 1921.

Roser, John H. Papers

This collection contains a scrapbook compiled by University of Chicago alumnus John Henry Roser during his undergraduate years. The material dates from 1911 to 1916, and includes programs, dance cards, tickets, and other ephemera.

Schulz, Marjorie Preston. Papers

Marjorie Preston Schulz, student. The Marjorie Preston Schulz Papers include materials relating to Schulz's years at Hyde Park High School and the University of Chicago.

Shackelford, Benjamin. Papers

Benjamin Shackelford, student. The Benjamin Shackelford papers consist of lecture notes taken while Shackelford was a graduate student in Physics at the University of Chicago (1915-1917). The collection includes notes from classes given by Frederick Lindemann, Albert Abraham Michelson, Robert Andrews Millikan, Arthur Lunn, and Gilbert Bliss.

Sherer, Albert. Papers

Albert Sherer (1884-1973) was a senior student at the University of Chicago who was shot near campus in 1905. The collection contains a letter from University President William Rainey Harper to Sherer, Sherer’s police reports, newspaper accounts, a record of the 1934 University of Chicago’s Board of Trustees, and the bullets that were extracted from Mr. Sherer.

Stagg, Amos Alonzo. Papers

Amos Alonzo Stagg was first Athletic Director and football coach for the University of Chicago from 1892-1933 and football coach for the College of the Pacific from 1933-1946. He was a national figure, leader and innovator in the development of intercollegiate sports, football, the Olympics and amateur athletics. The Amos Alonzo Stagg Papers consists of correspondence, personal papers, scrapbooks, notebooks, reports, newspaper clippings, photo albums, books and professional and scholastic ephemera that span Stagg

Steinbrecher, Frederick "Fritz". Collection

In 1910, the University of Chicago baseball team traveled to Japan to play a tournament with the University of Waseda. This collection contains photographic postcards documenting the tour, compiled by player Frederick "Fritz" Steinbrecher (B.Phil., 1913).

Suddeth, Persis Burns. Papers

Letters written by Persis Burns from 1944-50, during and after her time as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago (1944-1948). Dedicated to her children, the letters were transcribed in 1985 and collected in a binder along with photocopies of pictures from throughout the author’s life.

Swift, Harold. Papers

The papers of Harold H. Swift, member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago from 1914 to 1955, consist of correspondence, reports, and documents related to his activities as a member and later as chairman of the Board during this period of the University's history. There are a few letters which date as early as 1907, the year of Swift's graduation from the University, and material from the last seven years of his life (1955-62). The bulk of the collection dates between 1922 and 1948, when Swift was chairman of the Board. Few Universities have ever had such a devoted servant as the University of Chicago had in Harold Swift, and Swift served at a time in the University's history when it was still possible for one man to maintain contact with the many facets of the life of the institution.

Talbot, Marion. Papers

Contains the correspondence and papers of Marion Talbot, Assistant Professor of Sanitary Science, Associate professor of Household Administration, and Dean of Women at the University of Chicago from its inception in 1892 until her retirement in 1925.

Tannenbaum, Edward. Papers

Edward Robert Tannenbaum (1921-?) University of Chicago graduate (AB 1942, PhD 1950) and scholar of modern European history studied at at Colorado State University (1950-1956), Rutgers University (1956-1962), and the New York University (1962 - ). Papers include course notes, writings and teaching materials from Tannenbaum's studies and teaching.

University of Chicago Scrapbooks. Collection

Contains scrapbooks compiled by various individuals and university entities. The scrapbooks contain news clippings, university mailings, and other ephemera from 1885 to 1990. The bulk of the material dates from 1891 to 1930.

University of Chicago. Awards and Prizes. Collection

This artificial collection contains correspondence, announcements and publicity as well as winning entries for various University-administered competitions. Most are for scholarly or creative writing. The material dates from 1898 to 1980, with the bulk of the collection dating from 1940 to 1971.

University of Chicago. Band. Records

The University of Chicago band performed for university athletic functions and in indoor concerts. The records contain correspondence, drill charts and routines, clippings, and administrative records dating from 1898 to 1969, with the bulk of the material from 1927 to 1942.

University of Chicago. Beecher House. Records

Beecher House, women's residential living quarters at the University of Chicago. The Beecher House Papers consist of the house constitution, membership lists, minutes, treasurer's accounts and reports, and other material related to residential living in Beecher Hall from 1893 to 1951.

University of Chicago. Biology Club. Records

Biology Club, University of Chicago. The Biology Club Papers consist of a scrapbook and notes relating to the Biology Club at the University of Chicago from 1912 to 1950.

University of Chicago. Blackfriars. Records

The records of the University of Chicago Blackfriars, a student dramatic organization, include by-laws, correspondence, contracts, lists of members, productions and officers, printed and manuscript scores of productions, posters, photographs, and recordings.

University of Chicago. Burton-Judson Courts. Records

The Burton-Judson Courts ("B-J") Residence Hall opened in 1931 and was named after the second and third Presidents of the University of Chicago, Harry Pratt Judson (1906-1923), and Ernest DeWitt Burton (1923-1925). The collection contains correspondence, programming and event materials, directories and administrative material, photographs and T-shirts related to its yearly resident activities. Materials date between 1929 and 2007, with the bulk of the material dating from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, primarily documenting the Resident Master tenures of Jonathan Fanton (Resident Master from 1978-82) and Harold and Marlene Richman (Resident Masters from 1982-92).

University of Chicago. Chess Club. Records

From 1945 through 1986, the University of Chicago Chess Club ranked among the nation’s finest intercollegiate teams, winning the national championship a record seven times. These records contain membership lists, correspondence, match summaries, and newspaper clippings relating to the team which were compiled between 1965 and 1984 by former Chess Club president, Harold Winston.

University of Chicago. Chicago Alumnae Club. Records

Chicago Alumnae Club. The Chicago Alumnae Club Records consists of minutes, historical notes about the club, publicity and club notices, and programs and invitations from 1898 to 1942.

University of Chicago. Delta Sigma Women's Club. Records

This collection contains a scrapbook of clippings, photographs, member lists, and other ephemera compiled by members of Delta Sigma Women's Club at the University of Chicago. Materials date from 1918-1949.

University of Chicago. Department of Music. Choral Ensembles. Records

This collection contains concert programs and promotional materials from University of Chicago choral ensembles.

University of Chicago. Department of Physical Education and Athletics. Records

The University of Chicago’s Department (formerly Division) of Physical Culture and Athletics was established in 1892. Its records consist of programs and schedules, eligibility lists, game and meet results, handbooks, scoreboards, statistics, awards and honors, publicity materials, and memorabilia. This collection also contains minutes, photographs, and scrapbooks documenting the early history of the Women’s Athletic Association (f. 1904) and its clubhouse, Ida Noyes Hall.

University of Chicago. Henderson House. Records

Founded in 1960, Henderson House was a residential unit of the University House System and one of four such units in Stanley R. Pierce Hall. The House Records contain correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, house constitution, floor plans, contracts, slides, and photographs, as well as the records of the Henderson House Council and materials relating to the Resident Heads of the House.

University of Chicago. International House Board of Governors. Records

The International House Board of Governors Records consist of minutes from 1931 to 1951.

University of Chicago. International House Council. Records

The International House Council Records consist of minutes of Council meetings (1970-1972), copies of the Chicago Compass, International House Board of Governors minutes (1959-1973), correspondence, memoranda, and other records of the Council.

University of Chicago. Law Review. Records

University of Chicago Law Review, journal. Established in 1933, the collection consists of materials related to the establishment of the Law Review.

University of Chicago. Lower Rickert House. Records

Records, photographs and memorabilia from the University of Chicago Lower Rickert House, part of the Woodward Court residential hall that was demolished in 2001.

University of Chicago. Mathematical Club. Records

The Mathematical Club was established January 5, 1893 in order to provide a forum for graduate students in mathematics. Papers were presented and discussed by the faculty of the Mathematics and Astronomy Departments, and, occasionally by graduate students and visiting scholars. The Club Records contain programs of meetings (1893-1894), and notes on lectures delivered (1896-1903). The collection also includes programs from the Junior Mathematical Club (1905-1941).

University of Chicago. Model United Nations. Records

This collection comprises various facets of the University of Chicago’s annual Model United Nations conference from 1993-1995, including, but not limited to: newspaper articles written by the MUNUC Phoenix in 1993, handbooks regarding security councils, presenting committees, specialized agencies, the general assembly, and updates. Also included are a 1991 guide to Chicago, a 1993 MUNUC pamphlet and invitational application letter, and the conference’s ranking by participating high school students and teachers.

University of Chicago. Mortar Board. Records

The Mortar Board Records consist of a pledge book with the organization's constitution and bylaws, and two scrapbooks. The collection also includes correspondence, member lists, photographs, newsletters, and an account of the early years of the club by founding member Agnes Cook Gale.

University of Chicago. Nu Pi Sigma. Records

The Nu Pi Sigma records consist of two volumes containing the constitution, bylaws, rituals, and membership lists (1896-1972). The collection also includes one memorandum to the members of Nu Pi Sigma from Enid Rieser (1971) and several sketches of unicorns (n.d.).

University of Chicago. Off-Off Campus. Records

Off-Off Campus is a student improvisation theater group founded at the University of Chicago in 1986. The Records include administrative files, advertising and written short scenes.

University of Chicago. Office of Student Activities. Records

The University of Chicago's Office of Student Activities supported student life by advising and advocating for student organizations, coordinating space and facilities for events and meetings, creating programming, and helping student groups maintain financial stability. This collection consists of the administrative records of the Office of Student Activities from 1921 to 1981, with a concentration of material in the 1960s and 1970s. While recording the routine administrative functions of the Office of Student Activities, the collection also documents University of Chicago student activities and campus groups in the mid- and late-twentieth century.

University of Chicago. Office of the Registrar. World War I Service. Records

The World War I Service Records consist of 3X5 cards recording war service of University of Chicago students, including dates of enlistment and discharge, ranks and assignments, and war service credit given by the University, 1917-1919.

University of Chicago. Phi Alpha Delta. Law Fraternity. Records

The Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. Records comprise pamphlets, manuals, records, typescripts, correspondence, awards, and record cards from the eight years spanning 1953 and 1961.

University of Chicago. Phi Beta Delta. Records

The Phi Beta Delta records consist of the organization's constitution, correspondence, minutes, newsletters and clippings.

University of Chicago. Phi Beta Kappa. Beta of Illinois Chapter. Records

The Phi Beta Kappa, Beta of Illinois Chapter Records contain pamphlets with historical sketches of the society, programs and invitations for Phi Beta Kappa events. The collection also includes the group's constitution, correspondence, minutes, as well as biographical information and grades of perspective members.

University of Chicago. Phi Eta. Records

The Phi Eta Records consist of the fraternity's record book, which includes the constitution, bylaws, and rituals of the group. The collection also includes correspondence, membership lists, and membership

University of Chicago. Phi Sigma Delta, Mu Chapter. Records

The Phi Sigma Delta, Mu Chapter Records contain a small fraternity paddle.

University of Chicago. Pi Lambda Theta, Lambda Chapter. Records

The Pi Lambda Theta, Lambda Chapter Records comprise minutes of the Chapter’s first two years of meetings (1921-1923) and various procedural guidelines, membership lists, meeting materials, newsletters, fiscal reports, and correspondence from 1987 through 1989.

University of Chicago. Politics and Protest. Collection

This collection documents political and protest movements at the University of Chicago throughout the in the mid and late-twentieth century. It contains articles, correspondence, event flyers, newspaper clippings, meeting agendas, reports, official statements, position papers, and unofficial student literature. Materials date from 1935 to 1991, with the bulk of the material dating between 1966 and 1970.

University of Chicago. Recorder's Office. Records

The Recorder's Office Records consist of two volumes relating investigations of student misconduct and disciplinary action taken against students between 1908 and 1933; a volume regarding degrees conferred before 1893 by the Old University of Chicago and by the Baptist Union Theological Seminary; and published reports of the Recorder’s Office, 1904-1908.

University of Chicago. Religion on Campus. Collection

This collection contains newspaper clippings, program flyers, religious service, prayer schedule, and religious program pamphlets, and informational booklets pertaining to various religious organizations at the University of Chicago. The religious organizations represented in this collection are the Board of Social Service and Religion, Calvert Club, Canterbury Club, Christian Union, Episcopal Church Council, Hillel Foundation, Interchurch Council, Lutheran Council, Pastors’ Institute, and Porter Foundation.

University of Chicago. School Color History. Collection

This collection contains the maroon ribbon used by administrative and student committees when voting for the new university color and a memorandum connected to the maroon ribbon. It also contains documents relating to the selection of the maroon as the school color.

University of Chicago. Shorey House. Records

Shorey House was the first University of Chicago undergraduate residence to become co-ed. Additionally, the on campus Festival of the Arts (or FOTA) was started by Shorey House residents and Shorey House alumni began to organize and attend house, rather than class, reunions.

University of Chicago. Society for Social Research. Records

The Society for Social Research was established in 1921 as an association of graduate students in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The records of the Society consist of constitutions, minutes, correspondence, and abstracts of papers from the Society's regular meetings, as well as correspondence, programs, and abstracts from its annual Summer Institute.

University of Chicago. Student Government. Records

The University of Chicago's Student Government advocates for student issues in cooperation with the governing bodies of university faculty and administration. During the mid- to late-twentieth century, Student Government was active in campus programming, funded student organizations, participated in national student groups, and supported the student body's involvement with political and social issues. This collection includes administrative and procedural records of Student Government, Student-Faculty Administration Court documents, and publications and ephemera related to student organizations, political activities, and social service. As well as recording the activities and functions of Student Government, this collection includes documentation of student groups, campus events, and the relationship of the student body to political and social movements of the 1950s-1970s.

University of Chicago. Student Housing. Collection

The University of Chicago Student Housing Collection contains directories, bulletins, reports, proposals and construction plans, housing guides, housing brochures, and miscellaneous invitations and flyers related to student housing options provided through the university.

University of Chicago. Student Organizations and Activities. Collection

This collection documents student life and organizations from the university's founding to the early 21st century. This includes material from Student Union, Reynolds Club, Inter-Fraternity Council and Fraternities, as well as smaller student clubs, publications, and events on campus. Materials date from 1893 to 2019, with the bulk of the material dating between 1946 and 1968. Researchers are encouraged to cross reference the Office of Student Activities. Records.

University of Chicago. Student and Alumni Papers and Ephemera. Collection

The Student and Alumni Papers and Ephemera Collection consists of correspondence, class notes, football ticket books, dance cards, freshman orientation programs, diplomas, convocations programs, invitations, brochures from various convocation activities, and other materials related to student life at the University of Chicago. The collection also includes alumni reminiscences and class reunion materials.

University of Chicago. The Shanty. Collection

This artificial collection includes the Book of the Shanties and other ephemera related to the structure and its revival as a restaurant at the 1919 reunion and following. The Book of the Shanties is a leather-bound, illuminated folio bearing the names of members of this early alumni fellowship. Originally limited to pre-1900 classes, membership was later extended to alumni of 20 years standing. Clippings, menus, and contemporary accounts document the Shanty Club and the restaurant for which the club and book were named.

University of Chicago. University Committees on Ranking Policy. Records

A committee was appointed in May 1966 to study the university's policy of submitting rank upon the request of the student to his local draft board. Growing dissatisfaction with the University's policy of compiling male class ranks had culminated with the occupation of the Administration Building for six days by groups of students. Another committee was appointed to examine in greater depth the first committee's findings. The collection contains minutes, surveys, reports, and documentation on draft laws and the Selective Service System. Includes material related to the occupation of the Administration Building by students, May 11-16, 1966; class ranking practices at other schools; and statements by administrators, faculty and students regarding the use of student ranking by draft boards.

University of Chicago. Women and Women’s Organizations. Collection

This collection contains a range of material documenting employees and employment at the University of Chicago. Materials date between 1919 and 2000, with the bulk of materials dating between 1952 and 1980.

Vogel, Virgil J. Collection

Virgil J. Vogel (1918-1994) was an historian, political organizer, activist, educator and University of Chicago alumnus. The Virgil J. Vogel Collection spans 1903-1980 and represents the political activities of Vogel and his associate, the Socialist Party organizer Benjamin Williger. Included are records of a wide variety of leftist political organizations, particularly the the Socialist Party and the Young People's Socialist League; materials on political activity at the University of Chicago; leftist periodicals; and subject files on political and social topics. The collection also contains personal papers of Virgil Vogel.

Wallin, Madeline. Papers

Madeline Wallin was one of the first female graduate students at the University of Chicago. A student of political science, she received her Ph.M. in 1893. Contains personal correspondence, graduate school papers, articles, and photographs. Includes accounts of student life at the new University of Chicago and material relating to the University of Chicago Settlement League.